Need to Diet for Diabetes
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You'll know how important it is to eat the right diet for diabetes if it is a problem you suffer. But if you have just begun to experience the signs of diabetes and have been advised to eat more cautiously you should find out about the critical effects of consuming alkaline foods -- and even consuming alkaline water!

Dr Rob Young is a world leading expert in the field of alkalizing your diet and he has achieved amazing results with diabetes patients who have substantially reduced the life-crippling impact of their illness, simply by adopting his dietary strategies. A recent article relating to the topic was published by Editor - Al G Smith - at Natural News Website.

Here is a video of an interview with Dr Rob Young, and his wife, Shelley Redford Young, co-author of their book, that should begin to open your eyes to the some of the key food you should be eating to help bring your diabetes under control:

You should also take a closer look at Dr Young's key text (referred to in the video) - the "pH Miracle for Diabetes" which explains in detail how raising the alkalinity of your body can bring your system back into balance, and help you reduce (and maybe even overcome) your dependence on prescription drugs.

PLUS -- A further MUST SEE: To begin putting together some alkalizing diet plans see our list of alkalizing foods on the Alkaline Foods page, which also includes an fascinating hour long video presentation by Dr R O Young about the theory of alkalizing and how it impacts on health.

(NOTE: Click image and visit Dr Young's site for amazing Diabetes Type 1 Cure story!)

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