How to Lose Weight?

The Most Effective Fat Loss Diet
Is JUST 2-N-U-T-S!!

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So you want to know 'how to lose weight' - safely, effectively and permanently?

We ought to say thanks for taking a few minutes to read this. But we hope that by the time you have finished reading this page you will also be thanking us – because we hope that we can help any and everyone who has ever been just 'too nuts' about diets and dieting.

This is about the dieting 'secrets' that seems to have eluded so many people. We know (we have been there) there are many products, clubs, advisors, books, supplements, theories, fads…etc., etc. ‘out there’ that have probably been clamouring for your attention...Yet maybe (like we did) you have found that NOTHING seems to really WORK...maybe you agree...'It is JUST TOO NUTS'!

We really think that when you step back, it truly is 'just too nuts' the way the media – TV, newspapers, magazines, websites, and so on – spend so much time focusing how to lose weight...and yet...we seem to be getting FATTER, and is just too nuts for words!

STOP! THINK! What is happening in this world today? Who didn’t not see Morgan Spurlock’s 'Super Size Me' movie?...We are becoming so used to the 'enormity' of the current situation – we are beginning to accept that this is the way we are!!!


  • Is it really acceptable to be...
  • is it really normal to be...
  • how could anyone end up getting...

    SO BIG???.........

    NOW PLEASE UNDERSTAND... we STRESS there is No disrespect intended to the individual who has evidently been happy to have her 'exercise tape' published to the Internet for all to view... but we thank her for providing some evidence of the issue facing the developed world today...

    Indeed she is NOT unusual any more...BUT ...WHY is this? Why have innumerable members of the human race begun to become so unfeasibly, health-threateningly, life-shorteningly HUGE?

    The SIMPLE

    The SOLUTION...


    JUST 2N-U-T-S!

    Discover the secrets that everyone ought to know about how to lose weight and get fit by keeping in touch with the blog at JUST 2NUTS!

    See also: Dieting Coach for a huge resource of weight loss articles and diet program reviews.

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