How a Raw Food diet
could Cure your
Health Problems

Choosing to eat a raw food diet can be said to be consuming food as nature intended.

Is it any wonder then that those who choose to consume a diet rich in organically grown raw food and fresh juices are finding amazing benefits in terms of health improvement after adopting such a diet?

Here's an interesting video (below) - Mike Adams, self styled 'Health Ranger' and healthy lifestyle crusader - interviews David 'Avocado' Wolfe - promoter and advocate of natural foods in their raw state for optimum health. These guys are both vocal proponents, and exemplars, of achieving health through a more natural diet and the practice non-toxic lifestyle habits.

If you asked either of these health and wellness mentors about how to overcome health problems, it is guaranteed that they would both remind you of the too often overlooked adage - "You are what you eat!".

In this age of increasing recognition of the epidemic levels of major illness and health problem in the general population - when YOU step back and honestly think about what your day-to-day diet is commonly comprised of - if you can say you:

  • Use NO pre-prepared, processed and manufactured foods
  • Eat NO fast foods
  • Consume NO foods 'enhanced' with Monosodium-glutamate (MSG)
  • Knock back NO drinks sweetened with 'Aspartame' or other sweeteners
  • Avoid bleached and processed 'white carbs' (flour, sugar) as much as possible...and indeed that you mostly only partake of -
  • A raw food diet...

    ...Then you will be one of the rare few...and we'd like to bet that you feel great, have few colds and niggly illnesses, and generally feel fit and well both physically and mentally!

    If you cannot lay claim to all those 'good, clean eating habits' then settle back with a raw fruit and vegetable smoothie and enjoy this chat...

    More Raw Video Inspiration...

    Here is a further inspiring story from a Mum, Zoe, who has already shed over 30 pounds after gaining weight during pregnancy -- again attributed to adopting a raw-food diet:

    Check out how to get a real 'rocking body' like Zoe's with:
    Raw Food Diet Video Tips

    Another really interesting video and superb documentary follows the amazing turnaround in the health of a group of folks who were seriously debilitated by diabetes when they visited Dr Gabriel Couzens 'health farm' and undertook to try a raw food diet for 30 days it can be found here: Raw for 30 days Videos

    I urge you to take a look at the Raw for 30 days Videos if your health, or that of someone close to you, is not all it should be. The remarkable transformation in health and wellness can be startling, even if the road it raw can be a challenge at first, it is a journey that has had a happy ending for thousands already.

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    For now, be sure to take a look at a couple of features that relate to the problems of 'cooked' and 'processed foods'...see our articles on (1) Acrylamide and (2) Childrens Diet - both important issues that add further weight to the idea of including more raw food diet items in your family's mealtimes.

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