The Benefits Of Meditation For
The Incurable Computer Geek!

The benefits of meditation might appeal to you if you, like me, spend far too long staring at your computer screen being bathed in one or other form of radiation and generally dulling your senses!

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Here is a short article from The Meditation Expert that could help you learn how to overcome accidental (or deliberate ;-D) 'computer poisoning'!:

"Computer Poisoning" From Too Much Internet Usage? Learn Meditation!

A big problem in today's busy world is the build up of stress, and for some people, much of that stress comes from sitting for hours in front of a computer. The body might be still, but the mind starts frantically running around trying to decipher things, like a thousand piece orchestra playing all sorts of chaotic tunes.

As just one example, today the mind of a typical internet marketer seems preoccupied with having to figure out new tricks to get sites quickly indexed in the search engines. Or it might be stressed about whether the affiliate or adsense income is dropping, and what to do about it. The mind is always spinning trying to figure out some new demands put on it by the frantic competitive pace of the internet, a pace so fast that normal product life cycles that used to last years last only months, if not weeks.

Far too much too much stress is absorbed by the internet marketer. With the hectic pace and demands put on knowledge workers today, the end result is that you must learn how to take a break from the computer and rest the mind to deal with all this mental stress. You need to get away from that computer screen and learn how to rest your mind at will.

In short, the internet marketer needs some way to shed mental stress and turn off the incessant internal dialogue that keeps people tormented inside and unable to find peace. They need some way to become as calm, and as wise and insightful, as the accomplished Zen masters they see in the movies.

Other than taking a vacation or leaving this sort of job, the cure for this type of excessive mind-spin is meditation, which is the practice of calming your thoughts and emptying your mind to find inner peace. Over the centuries, thousands of meditation methods have been developed that target these very goals. If you practice meditation on a daily basis, in time you can learn to enter deep states of calm at will. It's something you can learn, just as you can learn internet marketing.

Meditation methods include visualization practices that teach you how to tie up all your miscellaneous thoughts by visualizing images in order to concentrate the mind. They include "adding methods," such as found in the performance of certain Tibetan ceremonies, wherein you put so many demands on the mind that it finally gives up and shuts down, like a computer given so many taks that it slows down. There are mantra and prayer recitation methods that tend to dampen thoughts because of your listening within to the constant repetition of a selected sound or phrase that calms you.

There are also breathing meditation methods that teach you how to match your thoughts with your breath so that you can calm your breathing and thus silence your thoughts. There are "subtraction methods" which teach you how to progressively empty the mind of the mental dialogue inside that might bother you. There are all sorts of meditation methods from all sorts of schools and traditions.

If you want to learn how to get rid of computer stress, and that feeling of electricity being in the blood, take a break from the computer and learn to meditate. Just pick one or two methods and try them for twenty minutes a day. Give it some time and if you don't like a particular method, then switch to another. In time you'll learn the ability to silence your thoughts and find mental peace, and will experience all sorts of health benefits, too. That’s the centuries old proven results of meditation that science is reconfirming today.

So if stress is getting you down, I have an unusual suggestion. The internet marketer is the one who needs to learn meditation.

(This article about the benefits of meditation for computer users originally appeared on the The Meditation Expert web site where there are many other interesting techniques and benefits of meditation resources.)

See Also: Meditation Beats and Meditation Certification





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