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Stop The Causes of Bad Breath
Creating A Stink In Your Life!

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What Causes Bad Breath:
Breathe Goodbye to Halitosis!

Yes, bad breath is embarrassing! It makes you self-conscious and can make being introduced to new people a bit of nightmare! Yet, if you are not really aware of (or admitting to it) it can be even worse. Humans still have some basic instinctive senses and if you suffer from halitosis, no matter what the causes of bad breath, then it can really adversely affect the likelihood of you developing successful new social or business contacts.

If you do suffer from the causes of bad breath, don’t be too down in the mouth! There are actions you can take to stop bad breath, but as with all things that really need resolving in this life: it is NO GOOD just treating the symptoms. You need to get to the root cause of the problem. This is more than just important for your social, or business life too – because bad breath is one of nature’s ways of telling us something is amiss with our system, and just masking it or ignoring it could allow a potentially real health issue to worsen.

Causes of Bad Breath:
Have You Got The Stomach For It?

Now we are not just talking about a case of ‘coffee breath’, or ‘garlic overload’, we are talking true bad breath, which can be a nauseating stench that is often discernible from feet away! This type of halitosis may be caused by bacterial problems. If you are conscious of having bad breath, and yet are doing all the regular ‘personal hygiene’ things to address the mouth and throat area but to no effect, then it may well be that the problem lies deeper down in your digestive system.

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If your intestinal system is impaired in undertaking the digestive process you may be experiencing unpleasant smells from bacterial activity in the gut. You may need to de-tox your system in this case and ‘knock-back’ bad bacteria, whilst revitalizing the 'good bacteria' in your gut. It is now widely acknowledged by health professionals, that most people who consume a typical Western diet probably need to take a probiotic supplement to support and re-invigorate their intestinal flora.

Take care when selecting a probiotic though. It should provide a high count of the full range of Lactobacillus strains of bacteria -- these are the most resilient and effective ‘good bacteria’ that you DO want working in your gut. Ideally, find a certified organic probiotic, which contains only Lactobacilli derived from organic vegetable sources.

Causes of Bad Breath:
Can The Atkins & Skip The Gum!

Other causes of bad breath might be the key to your halitosis too. The bad habit of skipping breakfast, for instance, can provide a platform for early-day bad breath to set-in, which may well relate to the digestive issues already discussed. Or if you have been trying a ‘high-protein diet’ your breath will begin to smell sweet and sickly - due to changing liver functionality as it is ‘thrown into’ ketosis trying to deal with the high levels of protein.

This may help ‘burn off’ some fat resources but the down side is a ‘slimmer you’ that no one enjoys coming within ten feet of! It may be one of your other ‘lifestyle habits’ is aggravating your problem. For instance chewing 'gum'. IF the gum contains sugars this provides food for mouth bacteria to thrive, which could lead to odor development. Whilst if it is non-sugar gum – that is, it contains artificial sweeteners – this is also not-recommended (but for other reasons to do with sweetener toxicity, too complex to consider fully in this article). Plus, when you chew gum it 'fools' the body into thinking you are eating - which encourages digestive processes to start - so then you can actively trigger digestive activity which might (if you are NOT actually eating for some time) cause unpleasant gases to rise from the gut.

Causes of Bad Breath:
Get To The Root (Veg) of The Problem!

Eating a well-balanced diet, with plenty of fresh vegetables, and eating smaller amounts on more frequent occasions can all help to improve system functions, de-stress the digestive process and hence, reduce halitosis. You should also aim to cut out sugary snacks, and other refined ‘carbs’ – but DON’T drop complex carbohydrates with plenty of natural fibre. This will keep your gut properly busy and provide useful roughage to encourage an efficient evacuation process (if you know what I mean?) another important part of healthy digestion.

In general, if you are bedevilled by the causes of bad breath, you should also try to cut down your physical exposure to chemicals in your environment -- for instance from the foods you eat, and the body care and cosmetics you use. You can do this by choosing only organically grown foods, and using certified organic personal acre products. The few coins more that these products cost is more than repaid by the substantial health benefits. These actions alone will vastly reduce your daily exposure to toxins that could be adversely affecting your system and causing some of your internal problems.

Causes of Bad Breath:
You Soon Won't be Down in the Mouth...

You also ought to review the type of mouthwash you may be using at the moment -- bad breath sufferers often use these for an immediate effect -- but they might even have become one of the causes of bad breath. Your mouth is one of the most bacteria-ridden places in the body, but constantly trying to kill bacteria using strong chemical anti-bacterial mouthwash only increases the likelihood of developing resistant strains! Try using a 100% natural, preferably organic, mouthwash and use a little regularly through the day, especially after eating.

So – don’t ignore it! But don’t get stressed about it (stress too, could be encouraging the bad-breath problem)...In fact just accept, and tackle the causes of bad breath, and find a way to get to the root cause of your problem. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll also experience the 'sweet smell of success' in your social and business life too!


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