The Caveman Diet
Could It Take You Back
To Healthier Times?

The Caveman Diet, otherwise known as the Paleolithic Diet or Paleo Diet for short, has certainly 'gathered' some followers (even if it hasn't hunted them down!).

In the days of our hunter/gatherer forebears life was a lot more simple, and basic and it has to be said that today's society of overwhelming choice and conflicting advice has brought with it a whole realm of health issues that it would appear where not to be found in those long ago prehistoric times.

Caveman Diet

For those who have recognized that 'more' isn't necessarily better, and that 'new technology' doesn't always mean that things are automatically healthier, then concept of the Caveman Diet has proven a revelation.

In fact, of course, there is nor need for us to compromise our modern day advantages completely, in order to glean the advantages of getting back to 'food basics' and eating in a way that (arguably) nature intended!

Back in the Paleolithic era it seems likely that the Cave dwellers were still 'in touch' with nature, and still ate according to primitive urges and drives that we have long since lost touch with. Nowadays we are beset by all sorts of food experts exhorting us to to do this or that, eat this, make this, buy that, try this...and so on. Some do it with the aim of helping us eat healthier, but many do it with the argument that we should 'allow' ourselves some indulgence!

Sadly, indulgence has become par for thje course and the net result is boom times for obesity and for a plethora of food and nutrition realted health troubles!

So if you want to clear out the garbage that has built up internally (as well as found a home on your larder shelves) then perhaps trying the Pelolithic Caveman Diet might be worth considering...

Recipes for the Paleolithic Diet

But thankfully this need not be the tortuous challenge it might sound as if it vould be! the recent publications of the 'downloadable' Paleo Cookbooks stands testimony to this, and a quick browse of some of its pages reveals that you won't feel as if you have had to become truly primitive to glean the benefits of this more natural dietary regime!

With this in mind (given that many of you may as yet not have seen the Paleo Diet cookery books at first hand) we present some free downloadable recipe sheets right here with some delicious examples of how the 21st century has been introduced to the Caveman's Diet... You may be pleasantly surprised:

(These are free pdf recipe sheets and you should be able to read them online or download them to your desktop for safekeeping/printing off):


But if you are thinking these dishes look tasty and enticing, and the idea seems OK, but why bother harking back to what the cave dwellers used to eat? Then you should consider that those who have headed back to primitive inspiration for a more natural healthy diet have found the following benefits in adopting the Caveman Diet of our Paleolithic ancestors:

  • Increased Energy

  • Increased Sex Drive

  • Clearer, Smoother Skin

  • Weight Loss Results

  • Better Performance and Recovery

  • Stronger Immune System

...and much more...

Given that the recipes are gluten free, dairy free and much healthier all round in so many ways. The real boon is that what 'could' sound like a testing choice (as in 'well what can I eat?') to accommodate requirements of a variety of health challenges is a question that is actually simple to deal with with a little in-depth recipe knowledge...

So if that begins to convince you that the effort to overhaul your diet might just be worthwhile! and youd like a load delicious recipes like those above... and to fully immerse yourself in tasty troglodyte fare... then you can take a look at the full details of the Caveman Diet right here:

The Paleo Cookbooks

Paleo Diet Cookbooks

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