Dark Circles Under The Eyes
Causes and Remedies

Dark circles under the eyes are an increasingly common problem that can make you look older, lose confidence in your looks and leave you wondering why they appear and how you can get rid of them?

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Perhaps a little surprisingly dark rings under the eyes can actually be a sign or symptoms of a wide range of possible health problems. Dark rings can be the caused by puffy and baggy eyes causing apparent dark circles under the eyes. But puffy eyes may be attributed to over 90 different health challenges.

For many people though, the appearance of dark patches or dark circles under the eyes the problem can be largely be put down to poor dietary habits and the need to do start some focused exercise.

Here are some key ideas to help you eradicate those dark rings. They won't go overnight - but you should start to see rapid improvements if you stick to some of the following remedies for dark circles under the eyes:

Combating Dark Circles Under Eyes

1) Stop drinking coffee or any caffeine containing drinks for one. Being a coffee addict is probably one of the major causes of dark rings under the eyes for many people, and if you replace coffees with regular glasses of fresh, chilled, mineral water it will also help to keep you well hydrated.

The fact that a large proportion of us are partially dehydrated most of the time leads to us harboring and/or failing to flush out toxic substances from our systems that can also lead to puffiness of the eyes and dark rings under eyes appearing.

General advice is to try and drink around 2 to 3 liters of clean, fresh water a day. If you must, then drinking tap water might be better than nothing (and certainly better than sodas or coffee - made with the same water!!) but remember that tap water is treated with toxic chemicals such as chlorine, and in some areas fluoride.

There are also many residual chemical toxins that cannot be removed from the water which are also a potential hazard - such chemicals as derive from personal care products, plastic, and cleaning materials. These are already being cited as cause for reduced fertility and may even be one of the causes of puffy eyes and subsequent dark circles forming, so try and consume only sources of safe clean, mineral water if possible.

It is even a reasonable idea to invest in a water filtering system, or a distiller - but remember that these processes can reduce useful mineral components that should be added back to the water in some way to improve the possible healthfulness of the water you drink.

Dark circles under the eyes

2) Whilst we are on the topic of drinks that may worsen dark circles under the eyes then you should also give up all types of soda pop/coke/etc. Amongst other benefits in giving up the sodas, his will be just one way to cut back on all sugar intake as far as possible.

Simple sugars like those in sodas, or worse still - synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame or saccharin - can be wreaking havoc on your biological system, Some of the potential problems might include (in the case of sugars) that it feeds yeasts such as Candida and this little opportunistic parasite can also be making your eyes look puffy and/or circled with dark rings.

Artificial sweeteners area chemical concoctions that could be having some serious impacts on health with some expert sources suggesting that aspartame could be related to development of brain tumours, and auto-immune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis.

The sort of health challenges that synthetic chemical could be making to our bodies - even in relatively small amounts (that is parts per million - after all this is just how homeopathy works - but in this case it is an adverse impact) - are potentially numerous and serious. So simply cut out the toxic synthetic sugar-replacement chemicals whenever you can.

3) To reduce dark circles under the eyes you should also curtail your consumption of processed foods. Processed means that it has been through some sort of cooking process, but this also means inevitable adulteration with a variety of chemicals as colorants, flavorings, shelf-life extenders, preservatives, emulsifiers...all sort of unnatural substances that could also be undermining physical wellbeing.

You may hear (or simply think) that all these things are 'edible' and 'safe' but there really is NO proof of this in most cases...and the emerging plethora of health issues is just the thin-end-of-a-wedge that has been driven into our health by adulteration of our food supplies.

It makes common sense just to avoid any unnecessary chemical components that may be undermining health...and leading not only to puffy eyes, and dark rings but also may be causing other hidden and lurking dangers that could impugn our health!

4) Stop using chemical based skin products and choose only organic and/or natural skin care (check labels carefully though - a lot make false claims). Almost all over the counter skin care - from the cheap and nasty to the expensive designer brands (and equally nasty) contains many unpleasant synthetic chemicals.

These chemicals may enhance foaming, or creaminess, or preserve the product or simply 'pad it out' to make it cheaper to produxe! But some of these frequently used (so-called) 'skin care' products have a host of synthetic chemicals that can play havoc with your biological system and even become the 'seeds' of future serious ill-health. (Pick up our FREE Toxic Ingredient eBook if you don't have it already to learn more)

Dark circles under the eyes are a sign that all is nor well with the system so weeding out all the sources of toxicity is a good tactic id you are determined to get rid of dark circles and improve your general wellbeing.

One resource online for all natural skin, hair and body care as well as cosmetics and other health support products is Safer Alternative - promoting certified organic personal care. Even just replacing your most regularly used 'chemical based' liquid soaps and shampoos, with a safer alternative would be a good start...and contribute towards alleviating dark circles under the eyes, too!

5) So it must be time for a DO after all these DO NOTS! And one big piece of advice is that you must eat plenty of fresh green vegetables! I know we promote the consumption of green vegetables elsewhere on the site, too, but it cannot be over-stated how effective this is for alkalizing the body. the fact that you have dark rings under the eyes can be another sign that the body is too acidic.

Acidity will mount thanks to some of the things already listed - such as high sugar intake, and other poor dietary habits. So it is a good idea to try and work more portions of regenerative green veggies into your diet on a daily basis.

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6) Increase your general activity/exercise if you are able to (that is to say as long as you have no other known health issues that make this not possible). Although it may not seem as if general exercise will affect your eyes it is the fact that increased activity will speed up your metabolism and help you move toxic waste from your system that could pay off in terms of a remedy for dark circles. Combine a daily improvement in your level of exercise with those tips about facial exercises, below, for best results.

7) Another way to reduce the impression of dark rings under the eyes is to do facial exercises to firm up the musculature. As we age - like the rest of our body - if we fail to keep the muscles in good condition our face begins to sag. The sagginess and bagginess can create lines and furrows that make any dark lines more profound.

There are several facial exercise guides now available. You can read more about how one of these options can help you to tone up your face right here. These exercise routines can help to markedly reduce 'flabbiness' and generally firm up the face so that bags and dark circles under the eyes soon look visibly reduced.

Users of face fitness techniques report substantial improvements in facial tone and a more youthful appearance just from ensuring that their exercise regime includes the facial muscles as well as the rest of the body.

8) Dark circles under the eyes can be a sign of the toxic influences from your food, drink and skin care habits so doing a detox to get rid of toxins in your system can also be a good tactic. The tell tale signs of dark and aging patches that make you look older and unwell are one of the bodies wayd of telling us we need to reduce the levels of toxicity within our system.

One of the best known. and most effective detox programs is the Master Cleanse about which you can read further details here. It can be quite challenging but the rewards are numerous including the fact that you will feel invigorated, as if you have got your energy back, plus of course the signs of toxicity -- such as dark circles under the eyes -- will also be reduced or eliminated. We also include more resources about cleansing on our detox page.

You might also like to take a look at a complete and comprehensive guide to removing dark circles and the steps to take to improve your looks:

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Treating dark eye circles will likely take from 3 to 6 months but you may see the difference sooner, depending how self-disciplined and determined you are to stick to the steps. But dark circles under the eyes will begin to disappear as your face firms up an toxins leave tour body.

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