Eco-friendly Products
An Ever-increasing Necessity!

Are YOU really eco-friendly enough yet?

I posted this on the ToxicTimeBomb Blog a while ago - but it bears republishing here, I hope...

Can you forgive those who trespass against us?...


Chemical Trespass: A toxic legacy
by Gwynne Lyons July (1999):

"The post-war chemical revolution has resulted in global contamination. Thousands of substances have been released into the environment with few prior checks on their potential for causing long term harm. For many years, little attention was paid to what happened to these substances after they were released. However, it has now been realised that many are persistent and can cause unwanted effects in the longer term. Sometimes it is the parent molecule itself which is particularly hazardous, while in other cases, it can be a degradation product or a metabolite which is more harmful."

Approaching 100,000 man-made chemicals, never before known in nature, have been introduced into our lives within the past 50 years! -

Almost 20% of these have been accepted for use in personal care and cosmetics applications! -

YOU can choose whether you (and your family!) want to keep being treated like a lab-rat in the world's biggest experiment...

Or you can choose to use safer alternative products - see Safer Alternative

You can also choose to be more proactive and inform others about the daily risks they are taking - at the same time you could be gaining an ethical income whilst helping others make safer lifestyle choices: It's a serious business - Ethical Income Opportunity

Being eco-friendly means making active choices to reduce the pollutants that can cause untold damage to the eco-system - in this case making the choice to use safer alternative products is also potentially going to protecting your family's long-term health!

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