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Environmentally friendly cleaners! By this we mean cleaning materials that are least harmful (even if they cannot hope to be a positive benefit) to the environment in the course of their use. Ideally this would mean that they are organically derived, break-down quickly in the environment and are not detrimental to other plant or animal or aquatic life!

It is always a wiser choice to seek out cleaning materials that lay claim to being environmentally-friendly cleaners!

Sadly this 'soubriquet' is often abused and what may appear to be rather nice marketing and merchandising messages may nor always actually work out to be all that you might hope when it come to eco-friendliness.

Cleaning materials -- even as simple as the liquid washing-up products that you use can be terribly harmful to the environment and certain small lifeforms!

Some sources have claimed that the well-known brand of (formerly green -- but now in various colors) dish-washing liquid, that was famous for claiming how 'kind' it was to you hands is in fact one of, if not the most toxic substances to be found in a typical household.

We are actively seeing out products that can genuinely be called environmentally friendly when it comes to household cleaning. That is to say that the run-off from your washing into the soil will not harm plants, animals, waterways or the soil itself...

There are an increasing number of 'less harmful' products about and some go part way to achieving an earth-friendly claim, but we will from time to time feature products we like here:

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...And be sure to take a look at our 'Green Cleaning Tips' page too!

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