How to get fit?
Some thoughts to
'exercise' your mind...

So what do you think YOU'D say to a question about how to get fit?

As you may have spotted elsewhere on this site - I have admitted to being (slightly) addicted to Yahoo! Answers...Once again, having summarized some key points about fitness - inspired by the rather 'hopeful' (that's being polite, because you could equally have said 'naive') question about -

"what vitamins to take to get fit!" seemed a waste not to relate the answer to the question of 'how to get fit', right here.

This article (if that's not too grand a title, for the following few musings) will be the start of a section about fitness, what it means, and how adopting a natural and organic lifestyle can play its addressing the question 'How to get fit?'

The Question was...

"What vitamins do I need to take to get fit again?"

The Answer given...

"If only life was so simple!

As others have implied vitamins alone will not 'make you fitter'.

'Fitness' is a combination of elements - both physical and mental.

You ask about how to get fit again - so presumably you felt you were fit once? When we are in our teen years we become more aware of 'fitness'. Maybe this is a period when you felt fit?

Ideally to 'regain health' generally - whether the feeling of 'lost health and fitness' it is due to prolonged illness or injury, due to a a period of poor dietary habits and lack of exercise, or due to any other reason - you need to do a combinations of things - a 'program' that involves both eating well and exercising sufficiently.

How to get fit? Eat well...

If you eat a good balanced diet - with plenty of fresh and freshly prepared foods (no fast food; no processed food) – it will help enormously.

You should consume a diet that includes fresh vegetables and fresh fruit (preferably organic - if you can afford it - from a reliable local source) - and this needs to be part of a lifestyle overhaul which includes doing at least 3 periods of fairly vigorous exercise lasting for between 20 minutes and 1 hour spread evenly through the week.

Naturally - if you have been ill, or have had any health issues in the past, you should always check with your MD/GP/Physician about the safety and viability of undertaking any new program of activity/exercise.

Eating a good diet of:

  • Clean (that's chemical free!) wholesome fresh food, freshly prepared, ideally as near to raw as possible (for most vegetable and fruits)

  • A moderate/small amount of red meats, and poultry (do not buy the 'standard supermarket/mass produced' birds - they are full of chemicals and are now way too high in fat - no longer the 'healthier choice' they were 30/40 years ago). In fact, choose organic meats to avoid the chemical residues in non-organics (It will cost more per kilo/ just buy, and consume less and the budget will remain intact!)

  • Include some fish; both white and a moderate amount of oily fish - as the benefits of consumption may be outweighed by the heavy metal pollution found in many oily fish

  • Avoid 'white "death" foods' - sugar, flour, salt -

  • Choose 'whole-foods' - Eat moderate amounts of complex carbohydrates ( preferably made with wholemeal flour/ wholemeal pasta/brown rice/unpeeled - washed, organic potatoes)

  • Cut-out or at least minimize consumption of 'simple carbs' - i.e. foods based on sugar - cakes , sweets, etc.

  • Keep an eye on/reduce fats in your diet; simply avoid any yellow or hard fats (that includes all mass produced margarines and lard). Preferably use only use modest amounts of virgin olive oil - and maybe 'lash out' on some 'extra virgin coconut oil' (which is probably the healthiest fat in the world, and it also stimulates the metabolism).

    ...And you will be getting all the vitamins you need, NATURALLY - without wasting money on unnecessary synthetically produced supplements (put that money towards buying better quality and organic foods).

    How to get fit? Work up a sweat...

    Your exercise program should start 'lightly' - a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood (if not too polluted with toxic combustion engine emissions!) - or in a local park, or a rural area if you can get to it. Gradually working your speed of walking up so that you just begin to feel light sweating, slightly heavier breathing, slightly faster pulse.

    Build up to 40+ minute walks - 3 or 4 times a week. Where possible take the more energetic option in your daily life...for example use stairs not lifts (or if in a hi-rise take the lift to within 3 floors of your destination and walk the rest).

    Over the next 6 months you will experience a dramatic change in your fitness levels and general health.

    How to get fit? There's no 'quick fixes'...

    Getting FIT is not a quick-fix problem - it is about long-term sensible changes to your lifestyle. You cannot 'pop a pill' and 'get fit' - you can only regain fitness, and maintain healthfulness by getting back to ‘good-old clean healthy living’...

    Needless to say - whilst undertaking the program of diet and activity - you should also be cutting back on alcohol consumption; limiting tea and coffee consumption - no more than 2/3 cups per day; naturally STOP smoking - (if you do still partake of the inconceivable habit! ;-)

    ...And importantly reducing your exposure to environmental toxins...this includes getting chemical based personal care and cosmetics OUT of your life - using only natural and better still organic based products; clear out other toxic products in the home - stop using strong and chlorine based cleaners - get rid of any toxic chemical air-fresheners/sprays/polishes/perfumes...treat yourself (or get someone else to!) to a few indoor plants instead, or at least the odd bunch of flowers!

    How to get fit? A 'clean' sweep...

    In a nutshell:

  • Provide for yourself a clean wholesome living space;
  • Provide for yourself clean, wholesome, fresh/raw/lightly prepared foods;
  • develop a clean wholesome lifestyle;
  • think clean wholesome positive thoughts

    ...And you will be truly amazed at the results a 'holistic' approach has, in terms of your personal feeling of fitness - and provides an lasting answer to 'hthe question of how to get fit?

    Fitness and health is a state of mind as much as a state of physical wellbeing - you cannot fully obtain one without the other.

    Today's 'pill-popping' culture is a major contributor to widespread illness and disease that surrounds us...remember the only person who benefits from YOU taking a pill is the person who made the pill! If you want to know how to get fit - look inside yourself not for the 'vitamin pills'; improve your environment, change your habits, eat well and sensibly...and your fitness will return, naturally!

    Remember - no amount of vitamin pills or supplements, in and of themselves alone, will help you to get fit per se... BUT, If you have slipped into a lifestyle of bad habits, poor diet, lack of exercise and a toxic-living-environment... it is never too late to begin the process of reclaiming your fitness and to learn how to get fit for real!

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