How To Lower Cholesterol

How to lower cholesterol is searched for on Google alone by around 200 to 250 people a day. That probably represents around 10,000 people a month, taking other online search providers into account, for whom finding out about cholesterol levels is an issue. It seems that there is an 'epidemic' of high cholesterol and both products and moreover the drugs to 'help' us combat the supposed problem have been flooding the market in recent years!

But the fact is that relatively FEW people suffer from raised cholesterol in a way that truly requires medication (sometimes a remaining LIFETIME of medication) to solve the problem.

Many folks have been swept up in the 'rush' to use this (expensive) margarine, or buy that(over-priced) yogurt drink, all in aid of 'lowering cholesterol. But perhaps they need not add these expenses to their weekly food bill after all?

On top of this the Big Pharmaceutical companies were ALREADY raking in over $10 BILLION profits from 'cholesterol lowering' drugs by it is already way more, and set to rise in leaps and bounds if Western Governments have their way!

Unfairly Maligned Cholesterol?

Not so many folks realize cholesterol is in fact ESSENTIAL for our good health. In fact Cholesterol is often unfairly maligned with much mis-informed talk of 'Good' Cholesterol and 'Bad' Cholesterol, too! And when you set about finding out how to lower cholesterol you better be sure that you understand just what you are doing and why you are doing it.

For the vast majority of people with raised cholesterol levels a few simple lifestyle changes could well solve their problem in a short time. This would mean NO NEED to resort to questionable drugs with a wide range of potential side effects. It would also mean reduced medicals bills (be they private as in the US, or public as in the UK) and of course reduced profits for Big Pharma.

Cholesterol lowering drugs like Statins have received 'great press' and most Doctors have been 'brainwashed' into repeating the mantra of medicinal safety that pharmaceutical companies claim for these drugs. But many folks are beginning to find that they could pose a whole new raft of future health issues for them!!

Discover More About The Big Fat Lies...

Recommended in-depth reading about the manipulation of the publics understanding, the lies about cholesterol, and the risks to health of current Cholesterol lowering treatments, prepared by noted Doctor, is downloadable here (click image):

The Cholesterol Lie

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