What are the most common
indigestion symptoms?

Indigestion symptoms or the symptoms of synonymous conditions such as dyspepsia, or heartburn cause countless millions to suffer misery and discomfort. They also cause Pharmaceutical companies to EARN countless millions of dollar every year as people look for a quick fix for these unpleasant side effects of problems with their digestive system.

The human digestion system is an amazing thing, receiving a wide variety of inputs at one end. It breaks these down initially in the acid wash of the stomach, then processes it further along the 22 feet or so of the small intestine (so called for its narrowness rather than length) during which time most of the nutritional elements that these inputs contain are extracted through the walls of the gut and distributed around the body as appropriate. Then extracting the last of the nutritive value from the remains of these inputs during the travels through the large intestine, or colon, before the waste products are expelled.

This admittedly over simplifies what happens, and overlooks the fact that modern lifestyles often cause regular and ultimately massive damage to the workings of this phenomenal digestive process. This damage can become one reason for so manyof us suffering indigestion symptoms

The typical main symptoms of indigestion:

  • Pain, fullness or discomfort in the upper part of your abdomen or chest

  • Heartburn

  • Loss of appetite

  • Feeling nauseous or being sick

  • Flatulence, burping or belching

  • Feelings of bloatedness

  • When these symptoms become exacerbated, and more extreme, the acids of the stomach can be allowed beyond the natural barrier into the oesophagus and cause intense burning and nausea. This happens especially on lying flat (when trying to sleep) and this Acid Reflux can become a real problem for some. The medical term for this is Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease or GORD, which is also seen referred to as Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease, shortened to GERD.

    Whilst it is all very well to keep on 'treating' the symptoms of indigestion with one of the many soothing, antacid, pharmaceutical remedies available at the drugstore or in more serious cases from our MD's or GP's, this is NOT getting to the bottom of the problem.

    Indigestion symptoms are one way the body tries to tell us we are doing something wrong. So rather than simply salve the symptoms we should be trying to locate and address the cause. If we do not take 'indigestion' or 'heartburn', so often treated as simply 'par for the course' or thought of as a 'natural aspect' of aging (although you can suffer the digestive problems at any age, of course) we may be overlooking a serious indicator of MUCH BIGGER problems on the horizon.

    Digestive problems are truly occurring in epidemic proportions within developed western countries like the US and the UK. If you are a sufferer, particularly a long-term sufferer of indigestion symptoms then you should really be taking stock of your current lifestyle habits, here are some initial tips that you need toconsider if you want to stop indigestion symptoms from ruining your life, and maybe becoming a real warning about something that could even END it!!


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