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Do you want to find out more about life the universe and everything? Many folks do and someone who is providing inspiring and elighteneing insights into some of the hidden potential of human beings is Gregg Braden...:

Articulate and sincere, Gregg Braden explains some of the mysteries of the world/Universe we inhabit as he merges his high-level scientific education and insight with his learnings about the wisdom of ancient sources. An optimistic and revelatory explanation of some of the secrets of life the Universe and everything...

Gregg Braden - The God Code (1) on Disclose TV

The God Code: The Secret of Our Past Pt.1/3

Gregg Braden - The God Code (2) on Disclose TV

The God Code: The Secret of Our Past Pt.2/3

Gregg Braden - The God Code (3) on Disclose TV

The God Code: The Secret of Our Past Pt.3/3

"God Eternal Within The Body" - A message discovered in every cell of the human body encoded into our DNA. Note: Only about one third of DNA 'constituents' actually seem to contribute to the physio-biological development of the being...So...

What about the other two-thirds of DNA components? The suggestion is that it may be a complex (three dimensional) set of messages beyond the initial interpretation relating to 'God' within us. This translation work -- utlizing the power of advanced science, mathematics and the language of ancient civilizations -- is ongoing (see "The God Code" - below).

There is also the theory that DNA acts as a conduit/a receiver/a transformational mechanism for photon (light) energy. DNA has been shown to 'influence' the behaviour and 'patterning' of random photons. Our DNA can 'create' potentially permanent changes to the material of the Universe. The very process of observing the world around us creates change. Learning to wield this power with positive purpose can literally transform our lives (see "The Divine Matrix" - below).

We have the power to transform material things but also, perhaps more importantly, to transform ourselves. This includes reclaiming wellness through overcoming major health challenges. there is the power with us to help ourselves and others 'dissolve' health problems (such as, for example, supposedly inoperable canerous tumours) almost instantly -- as Gregg has witnessed and attests to (see "The Spontaneous Healing of Belief" - below).

Our DNA has been shown to be able to instantaneously communicate with itself (when DNA samples are separated even by large distances from their source) - and therefore likely that this relates to an interaction with the unseen 'matrix' of energy - the 'field' that envelopes the Earth.

Greg Braden is the author of several groundbreaking and insightful texts including The God Code, The Divine Matrix, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief and his latest intriguing insight into the end of this current World Age -- Fractal Time. Anyone seeking a greater understanding of life, the universe and everything ahould take a look at Gregg's work - thanks to his clear, thoughful and articulate style any such seeker with an open mind simply cannot fail to FEEL truly enlightened.


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