Louise Hay
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"Heal Your Life Video Workshop" with Louise Hay

A valuable personal development Workshop with Louise L Hay - helping you to learn how to clean your 'mental turkey pan', kindly posted to YouTube and gathered here for easier watching.

This is an inspiring video that is well worth listening too if you have any sort of 'problem' in your life. Whether you have health issues, debt issues or any other difficulties using Louise L. Hay's approach to examining the underlying causes and beginning to address them can have a transformative effect. (The presentation was chopped into 8 to 10 minute chunks when posted - and as a result there are one or two 'rough editing' points but overall not too bad!)

As they say - different strokes for different folks' and I urge you not to be put off by what may look a little dated in the video style and ambiance - please do LISTEN to what Louise has to say - it is enlightening. Try to ensure you are not going to be distracted or disturbed, and do try to do the exercises she recommends. This process can truly have an immense positive impact on your wellbeing - as many, many people have already discovered and attested to:

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