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More Mums (and Dads!) than ever before are becoming aware of the importance of seeking out organic baby products. They – maybe just like you – have come to realize that their little one(s) deserve to be given the best start in life and one way this can be done is by avoiding exposing them to the innumerable chemicals so prevalent in many products we have happily been using ourselves.

Why organic baby products? Well at the risk of boring some of you who are well enough aware of the reasons for ‘going organic’ – we would recommend choosing only organic baby products because it is one way to be as sure as you can (but see our warnings below!!) that the ingredients used in the products that are regularly being applied to your baby’s skin are (1) natural (2) contain no chemical residues due to safer and more eco-friendly agricultural methods used in their production.

Although this topic will be visited in various places throughout this web site, it seems to us that it always bears repetition – and that is that ALMOST ALL typical, off-the-shelf skin care products contain a variety of known toxic chemicals.

Feel good more important that DO good!

Many of us have been ‘happily’ (or perhaps just ‘naively’ or ‘ignorantly’) using products ourselves that are literally laced with potentially toxic ingredients. There are now many thousands of synthetic chemicals that have been developed for one application or another in the cosmetics and skin care industry. These unnatural ingredients have largely been developed:

  • To enhance certain ‘sensory’ properties (e.g.: the creaminess, the smoothness, the smell!) of personal care items
  • To extend their life (anti-bacterials)
  • To keep the range of ingredients more effectively combined (emulsifiers)
  • To help them ‘spread’ more easily, and/or ‘soak in’ to the skin more effectively
  • OR most often JUST because it makes the products CHEAPER to produce – and leads to increased profitability.

    No matter what the advertising copy-writers would have us believe... the majority of ingredients in most skin, hair, body care and cosmetics are there to ‘convince us’ they are ‘nicer’ to use AND make more money for the manufacturers.

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    It should perhaps be NO surprise to learn that whether the products is actually better for you, safer for you, or truly more effective in what it is supposed to do – hardly (if ever) feature in the list of ‘key objectives’ that the regularly launched ‘new formulations’ of common products are supposed to achieve.

    Big brands CASHING IN on ‘Organic’ & ‘Natural’

    Indeed – there are numerous examples of big-name-branded products that have been ‘cashing in’ on the growing interest in, and demand for ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ products by blatantly abusing these terms. These ‘buzz-words’ are included in product titles, descriptions, marketing and merchandising copy in order to snare the unwary customer.

    Clever marketing and merchandizing is designed to subtly imply that products may be ‘more natural’, may be ‘organic’, and/or may be more ‘efficacious’ – without making claims that could be interpreted as ‘false’ in a court of Law!

    Further to this, the current laws themselves, that relate to the production and formulation of skin care and related products are out-of-date and weak, to the extent that even though there are increasingly good reasons for them to be radically overhauled – the lack of any strong enough lobbies to insist on this, and the massive power of the multi-billion dollar ‘personal care and cosmetics’ industry currently ensures that we are left with the status quo in respect of legislation.

    This, therefore throws the onus on the ‘concerned individual’ to seek out safer and better products – to do our own research and to ‘look after ourselves’ and our family’s health and well-being. Noone should be so naïve, these days, to think that any profiteering commercial entity does ANYTHING for the customer…just because we are ‘worth it’!

    Our ‘Duty of Care’ as parents...

    It is important that as parents we are even more wary, and choosier about the products we use for our developing children. We, in the Western world, already live in a time when childhood allergies, leukaemia and other cancers are at an all time high.

    Whilst there is still not enough ‘scientifically acceptable’ data or research to explain the plethora of illnesses we are beginning to suffer, it is generally acknowledged that we should be more cautious about – and take more steps to avoid – unnecessary exposure to synthetic and toxic chemicals.

    Our children are dependent not only on our good example and guidance, but they also rely on US directly for the products that we buy that we ‘teach them’ to use. The plain fact is that whilst organic baby products are ‘beginning’ to emerge in the market place, their availability and profile is still very low.

    It is still far more likely that far from purchasing organic baby products or children’s products we are drawn into using what we can buy off the shelves of our local pharmacy or supermarket. Here again we can easily fall foul of the ‘false claims’ and dubious merchandizing that can make us think we are making better, safer choices for our kids when in fact we are being ‘duped’ into using the same old chemical cocktails that MAY be pre-cursors to later health problems.

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    Always, always CHECK the label!

    A major-name pharmacy brand that launched organic baby products fairly recently in the UK provides a perfect example of the abuse of the term ‘organic’. Their products may be packaged and merchandized to LOOK more ‘organic’ – but a glance at the ingredients list quickly tells us that the smattering of ‘token’ organic ingredients are heavily out-numbered by the same old ‘toxic chemical’ culprits! So BEWARE!

    Our advice is that – JUST AS WITH FOOD – you should always study the label on any body/skin/hair care baby organic products you buy. Always check to see if any of the dubious synthetic chemical ingredients are included in the products you are considering – and avoid those products if they are! If you are unsure about the common range of toxic ingredients to look out for be sure to claim your copy of our “Desktop Directory of Toxic Ingredients in Personal Care and Cosmetics” HERE.

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