Organic Pet Food?
It's Not Just You Who
Needs To Eat Better

Organic pet foods have come on to the market in response to growing demand from conscious and caring pet owners who have realized that it is not only human beings that are suffering from the effects of 'convenience food' based diets.

Disturbing evidence and dire statistics about the declining health of pets and the increasing incdence of 'human-like' disease patterns has given the lie to the fact that if you feed an animal processed foods of questionable quality -- made from 'unknown' but often 'unfit' ingredients -- you are simply contributing to the likelihood of development of a variety of life-shortening ailments for your pet!

Organic pet foods and pet treat -- such as dog treats in particular -- are now being produced mindfully by a number of smaller producers catering to this market place.

As with human organic products, the manufacturer must demonstrate adherence to cerrtain standards to obtain the rights to post references to being of 'organic' provenance on their labels.

For example in terms of organic dog treats a product may be labeled:

- "100% Organic" - 'Nuff said!

- "Organic" (implies a minimum of 95% organic ingredients)

- "Created with Organic Components" (a min. of 70% organic)

The same benefits for your pets obviously apply when electing to feed them organic pet treats and foods. They will get product in which pesticide residues are virtually non-existent or reduced to a minimum.

Organic dog treat labeling should certainly not list such ingredients as: synthetic chemical preservatives, additives, artificial colorings, chemical fertilizer by-products and you would not expect quality products to use substantial fillers such as corn or wheat

A Small Cost For A Big Gain

The fact is, as you might expect, that feeding your pet organic, natural and healthier foods will of course cost more. Inevitably the added care taken, and quality of ingredients and need to pay for 'standards recognition' with bodies such as USDA, all lead to enhanced costs that have to be 'built into' the price.

But given the astronomical bills that can soon be run-up if veterinarians need to become involved with trying to treat chronic conditions that may be triggered through poor and chemically adulterated diets -- choosing to feed your pet in amore caring, and rsponsible way, will lead not only to less heartache, and suffering, but also most likely reduced need to incur such medical treatment costs.

Giving your cat, or dog organic and natural treats might be a key factor in avoiding potential development of diseases that will threaten both quality and length of life; such as cancer, diabetes, persistent skin problems and aggravating allergies.

Naturally -- you could also choose to make your own organic pet treats. It takes little time and effort, and the sourcing of appropriate recipes -- that you need to ensure are appropriate for animal consumption... Many folks make the mistake of assuming that their pets can eat precisely the same as they, themselves! Which is a fallacy. True -- many pets will eat whatever you put in front of them! But that does not mean that they should.

But for man, simply finding a good supplier of quality organic pet treats and food for your pets will be a boon -- if you really want to improve the well-being of your 'best friend' -- nad then you really will deserve that 'unconditional love'!

To help you on the way to providing a wholesome healthy diet for your pet, we include some links and ideas on this page.

Remember -- going organic should include the whole family -- and that means Fido and Tiddles, too!

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