Panic Attack Symptoms

Panic attack symptoms are numerous and varied. They can also vary in strength and effect from individual to individual. For some the impact may be quite mild, for others they can be truly incapacitating.

Once you begin to understand that what you are experiencing is part of an anxiety and panic related problem you can begin to tackle the issue more effectively. For those (and there are many! So do not think you are alone!) who do not even know what the symptoms of a panic attack are - they may go on for ages wondering what is wrong with them, but they may not realize just what is triggering their problems!

So, in summary, here are some of the typical panic attack symptoms you may have experienced:

  • Pounding or palpitating heart
  • Sweating
  • Shaking or trembling – either physically or having this feeling inside
  • A lump in the throat – tending towards feeling like beginning to choke
  • Feeling smothered, getting short of breath, unable to fill your lungs
  • Feeling pain in the chest
  • Indigestion problems, feeling bloated or even nauseous
  • Feelig dizzy of wobbly
  • Going all ‘light headed’
  • The sensation of things veing in a ‘dream’ or ‘unreal’
  • Feeling as if you are ‘outside yourself’
  • Feeling as if you are ‘losing your mind’
  • Paresthesias – feeling a sensation of numbness/tingling in limbs/extremities
  • Feeling chills or hot flashes
  • Suddenly looking dried of color
  • Hot red blotchy skin or flushing
  • Sudden need to go to the toilet

    Symptoms like this can become increasingly intense and lead to additional problems beginning to develop, such as agoraphobia.

    It is important to seek help and if you do not want to take drugs, but do want to help yourself, read how a drug free method for coping with panic attacks has helped many others. Click Here!

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