Go Natural and Organic a healthier lifestyle

How a Raw Food diet
could Cure your
Health Problems

<p>Choosing to eat a raw food diet can be said to be <b>consuming food as nature intended</b>.
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Is it any wonder then that those who choose to consume a diet rich in organically grown raw food and fresh juices are finding amazing benefits in terms of health improvement after adopting such a diet?
<p>Well known examples of raw food enthusiasts include people such as<b>Mike Adams</b>, self styled 'Health Ranger' and healthy lifestyle crusader - interviews <b>David 'Avocado' Wolfe</b> - promoter and advocate of natural foods in their raw state for optimum health. These guys are both vocal proponents, and exemplars, of achieving health through a more natural diet and the practice non-toxic lifestyle habits.<p>

Here is some helpful inspiration for those transitioning to raw food diet... (One of our sponsors via their small affiliate commission paid fro any sale via this raw recipes link -- or just tap the image below)

</p><p><p>If you asked either of these health and wellness mentors about how to overcome health problems, it is guaranteed that they would both remind you of the too often overlooked adage - <b>"You are what you eat!"</b>.</p>

</p><p><p>In this age of increasing recognition of the epidemic levels of major illness and health problem in the general population - when YOU step back and honestly think about what your day-to-day diet is commonly comprised of - if you can say you:
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<li> Use <b>NO</b> pre-prepared, processed and manufactured foods
<li> Eat <b>NO</b> fast foods
<li> Consume <b>NO</b> foods 'enhanced' with Monosodium-glutamate (MSG)
<li> Knock back <b>NO</b> drinks sweetened with 'Aspartame' or other sweeteners
<li> <b>Avoid</b> bleached and processed 'white carbs' (flour, sugar) as much as possible...
and indeed that you mostly only partake of -
<li> <b>A raw food diet</b>...

</p><p><p>...Then you will be one of the <b>rare few</b>...and we'd like to bet that you feel great, have few colds and niggly illnesses, and generally feel fit and well both physically and mentally!</p>

<center><p><b>More Raw Inspiration...</b></p></center>

</p><p><p>Here is a further inspiring story from a Mum, Zoe, who has already shed over 30 pounds after gaining weight during pregnancy -- again attributed to adopting a raw-food diet:<br><center>
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/tu6XU3LEYQ8?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></center>

</p><p><p>Another really interesting video and superb documentary follows the amazing turnaround in the health of a group of folks who were seriously debilitated by diabetes when they visited Dr Gabriel Couzens' 'health farm' and undertook to try a raw food diet for 30 days. You can find more about this by simple Googling!