Dealing with Symptoms of Cancer?
Consider these Exciting Developments

Many folks look for symptoms of cancer information on the Internet every day. Some will have become scared by unusual ill-health events, some will have received morbid news from their GP/MD. Some may well be frightening themselves unnecessarily. For cancer has become a specter for most of us, in an era when it has become so terribly prevalent.

Currently, in western countries like the US and the UK the statistics indicate that 1 in 3 of us will suffer some kind of cancer within our lifetimes. For a good proportion it may even become the very thing that curtails our life, perhaps substantially before it should fairly end.

Our so-called advanced modern medicine is really terribly 'crude' when it comes to dealing with cancer. The treatments for many cancers are potentially barbaric and/or highly toxic. They may involve hacking away parts of the body. Or using powerful radiation that could in the long term cause as many problems as it MIGHT seem to solve. Or maybe treatment will require the taking of highly toxic drugs that might actually kill more good cells than bad, or at least undermine our immune system creating myriad possibilities for other infections or diseases.

The cancer business is BIG business it is undoubted. Huge sums are raised by charitable concerns, billions have been ploughed into research. We sporadically hear of some 'supposed' successes, or innovations in treatment, news that trickles into the media just often enough to keep the 'giving' going - whether from the charitably-minded or the public purse in the form of government grants.

Cancer has also been the illness most likely to spawn modern-day 'snake-oil' salesmen, over the years. There have been numerous infamous cases of those prepared to prey on the hopes and fears of those who are suffering the illness themselves, or who have close family for whom they are tending.

However, there is also an tendency for any new or different ideas to be pooh-poohed too easily. Yet we (at cannot help but feel that some who put forward new and challenging ideas about cancer have something worthwhile to say. Indeed certain examples of 'new thinkers' seem to have achieved remarkable results with many sufferers who now provide the many testimonials to the effectiveness of their alternative approaches to treating the symptoms of cancer, and indeed reversing the progress of the illness.

We earnestly hope that these exciting ideas are as true and effective as our own research, such as it is, has led us to believe that they are. You too may well have heard about some of the people we feature here. We can only suggest that if you are seeking ways to treat the symptoms of cancer, or hope to advise friends or family about how to do this, that in doing your due diligence you consider checking the work of these people out. The approaches they take and the theories they espouse seem to make SENSE. Their results, seem to SPEAK for themselves.

We only hope that you find some value, hope and help in these suggestions, and we welcome your feedback -- both positive and negative -- to help us make the best and most helpful suggestions we can about how to cope with, approach the treating of cancer symptoms, if you are indeed desirous of thinking 'outside the barbarous and toxic box' of typical modern medicinal approach to cancers.

I quote here from a reply to a query in which I tried briefly to outline some alternative treatments for cancer that really do appear to be achieving exciting results. Here is part of that reply and some links that I gave:

Alternative Cancer Theories & Therapies

"There have been some exciting developments in theories about cancer, and approaches to treatment, that have been claiming startling levels of success, although outside of the current mainstream thinking.

For example -- the idea that symptoms of cancers are essentially caused by parasites (theories that extend from the work of Dr Hulda Clark -- links to her work given below). These parasites can be cleansed from the system with effort and such cleanses, it has been shown, have achieved remarkable cure rates (although the approach is often derided by conventional medics this derision is countermanded by many testimonials of success from previous patients at Dr Clark's famous clinic in Mexico)

Dr Clark's theory interestingly seems to "intersect" with the thinking of another health wellbeing expert whose reputation is growing fast, Dr Rob Young. Dr Young claims that all symptoms of cancer (indeed of all major illness) stem from over acidity of the bodily system. Over acidity leads to pleo-morphism of the bodies own cells. That means that our own cells actually change into harmful forms, including some that might be seen as parasitic. In a sense, if the blood becomes 'toxically' acid then the cells protect themselves by changing into other, hardier forms which ironically can lead to serious illnesses in the whole system. This acidity is generally caused mainly by consuming a poor/acid-forming diet along with psycho-emotional stress and other such physically-negative factors, which also 'acidify' the body. By putting these problems right the symptoms of cancer are reversed and disappear -- once again these claims are supported by many testimonials from those who have experienced a return to good health.

Without being able to do full justice to the theories and alternative approaches, that MANY have now benefited from applying, to find out more we recommend you read "Sick and Tired" by Dr Young. This is a great book that describes the alkalizing theory in depth, written by Dr Young himself, I include UK and US links below (although both offer world wide delivery options):

  • Available from/in UK:
    Sick and Tired by Dr Rob Young
  • Available from/in US:
    Sick and Tired by Dr Rob Young
  • Dr Hulda Clark books are also listed here (the US selection is best & includes her latest Cancer titles -- which include many testimonials of success):

  • Available from US Bookstore:
    Dr Hulda Clark's Publications
  • Available from UK Bookstore:
    Dr Hulda Clark's Publications
  • I admit, this is an all too brief summary and you REALLY NEED to read up on these alternative approaches to dealing with the symptoms of cancer, if the quest to know more concerns you. It seems to make sense that if you both cleanse the system of existing factors that MIGHT be causative of cancerous occurrences AND clean up your diet and lifestyle so that such problems are less likely to arise again, you may be doing yourself a greater service than a scalpel, a radioactive isotope or a toxic drug regime might achieve. But far be it for us to suggest anything other than that you do your own research and due diligence...Yet, the wealth of testimonials for these pioneering doctors who have taken radically different approaches to determining the causes of the symptoms of cancer would seem to make them at least worth considering, if fate decrees you need to do so.

    BUT BE AWARE -- If you choose to explore a different approach to dealing with the symptoms of cancer there will be MANY people who will pooh-pooh these theories -- BUT there are also too MANY examples of amazing recovery to ignore. So be prepared to be strong and remain positive. Don't be put off by the gainsayers. Simply have the courage to recognize that there may well be other ways than the current 'modern' slash, burn and poison techniques!!"

    You May Also Want To Check These Out...

    INSPIRING: One really interesting case study is currently ongoing is that of a brave young woman who is undertaking a complete lifestyle overhaul in order to 'de-acidify' herself and 'alkalize' her system - you can see her 'blog here: Crazy Sexy Cancer - featuring Kris Carr's own inspiring story and current progress.

    Those who have followed this line of thinking/action (alkalizing), like Kris Carr, have shown in many cases that it can lead to the body healing itself from a wide range of serious illnesses.

    TIME-SAVING: You may also want to check out a couple of other fascinating resources that are essentially the results of 'information quests' undertaken by other ordinary folks that were themselves motivated to search for more information about the symptoms of cancer, here they are:

    Natural Cancer Treatments by Karon Beattie

    Cancer - Step Outside the Box by Ty M Bollinger

    Both reports represent many hours of research that could save you a great deal of time in gathering information.

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