Water Quality and Water Shortage
The Shocking Story of What is Happening to
Our Water Supply

Are you concerned about water quality? What about future water shortages? Do you know what is happening to our water supply?

Irene Salinas' film justifiably won awards for encouraging recognition and debate about who 'owns' the worlds water supplies and whether or not this is even an ethically justifiable thing!

If you are still going about your daily business without asking questions about where your water comes form and who is profiting from its supply it is way past time you start asking some questions...

Salinas' investigation into 'The World Water Crisis' -- an issue that experts have already referred to as "the most important political and environmental issue of the 21st Century" -- is a must see...

If by any chance you do not know what is happening to water and the threat to the health, if not the future of the human race -- be prepared to become informed:

more info: Flow -- the film


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