Dr. Wayne Dyer on
Ways to Transform
Your Life

Inspirational and relaxing audio from Dr. Wayne Dyer, renowned purveyor of spiritual and personal development teachings.

Kindly added to Google by a 'fan' for a greater audience to benefit from some of Dr.Dyer's valuable insights and suggestions about how to transform your life.

This is just the first part of the audio - so although it is entitled "101 ways to Transform Your Life", in fact you get just under 50 ideas in this half hour segment....But still well worth listening to and taking heed of (...and perhaps it will also spur you to consider purchasing the full audio, for future benefit?)

It is recommended that you set aside 30 or so minutes to listen to this in a quiet and undisturbed environment. It is a great relaxation audio in its own right and if you sit or lay back relaxed and let the ideas fill your mind you can't help but 'return to the world' feeling refreshed and inspired...

Wayne Dyer with ideas to transform your daily life - audio with relaxing music and images:

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