Breast Augmentation
Are Bigger Breasts Really Worth It?

Breast Augmentation - enlargement - enhancement! - Call it what you will! These days it seems all the rage...even girls whose bodies haven't even finished growing have had it done - if their parents are stupid enough, and rich enough to pay for it.

But breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery - is not cheap, in fact the largest 'chest' these days is the one full of the plastic surgeon's 'treasure'!...And yet, other than an occasional 'nightmare tale' almost all the media coverage is, to be blunt, positive. So they can probably be confident in achieving 'balooning' incomes for a good while yet

True there have been some 'plastic surgery horror stories' but these are few and far between compared with the almost nonchalant way that breast augmentation is taken for granted as something you 'just do' - if you have a few thousand to spend - by most 'self improvement' type TV and magazine coverage (and there is a lot of it about!)

Indeed, when you open a 'lads mag' these days (not that I do personally, you understand!) the question is more often -- which ones haven't had 'the op'? rather than -- which ones have?!

But what about the sort of problems that CAN, and DO, arise out of this increasingly popular choice to meddle with the natural, God given aesthetics of the human form? Now don't get me wrong - if you've a genuine psychological problem with coping with the fact that you have no, or virtually no breast development - it is understandable that perhaps you might consider going under the scalpel to obtain some peace of mind.

But it seems all too often - it is not the fact that there is an extreme physical occurrence that the enhancement surgery is being asked to 'put' right. It is merely a matter of vanity, or 'vocation' that provides the impetus for hundreds of young (and not so young) women to undergo a serious medical operation.

Although they must no doubt be made aware (to some extent) of potential complications - it is most likely the case that for many the decison has already been firmly made such that the ears are deaf to any 'unpleasant' facts that might put off the willing victims of modern societies increasingly prevalent curse of narcissism.

So just what can go wrong:

Well firstly, following breast augmentation, implants can get squeezed or the skin get pulled!...Otherwise referred to as:"Contracture of the implant capsule" - not really something that might go wrong but more something that WILL happen.

The amount of contraction of skin around the implant capsule that occurs after breast augmentation will depend to some extent on each individual's 'healing process'. The more hard scar tissue that develops and pressurizes the capsule, the more the implant/s will be squeezed, making the breast/s themselves hard, and painful. Also, this does not usually happen 'evenly' which will lead over time to a decidedly mis-matched pair!

Naturally - corrective surgery (in fact sometimes several procedures) can help (at a cost!) - so the 'deeper your pockets' the better...and I don't mean the 'pockets of flesh' that your implants are to be slipped into either!!

Rippling caused by implant weight - can also occur, especially when heavier implants 'settle' and drag the skin at the scar site, causing a rippled effect. This is most likely to happen when textured implants are used in the breast enlargement process.

From lumpy bruises to tissue death -
makes work for the 'poor' surgeon!

Haematomas and Seromas - Haematomas are pools of blood that form under the skin around the site of surgery after breast augmentation. This can create hard bruised looking areas. Seromas are collections of other fluids that can gather around around the implant. Both problems can treated by draining the affected areas using a needle, or again it may require further corrective surgery (ka-ching!).

Rupture of the implants - whilst relatively unlikely this can and does occasionally occur after breast augmentation. Some such potential problems are covered by the implant manufacturers there's some peace of mind! (not!) Which means that you may not have to pay ALL the 'repair bill'! But many things may also fall outside such warranties which requires that those with breast implants ensure that their new found 'confidence' does not lead them to take unneccessary physical risks! Not only would further corrective surgery be costly after a rupture, but the potential for major health problems following such an event, especially from silicone entering the body or bloodstream - with the possibility of embolism occurring - is a REAL risk.

Necrosis - Thankfully a rare complication, but nevertheless one that can be associated with breast augmentation surgery. Anyone who knows their Greek roots will realize it has something to do with 'death'. It is in fact death of the tissues around the implant to be precise. As this would lead to gangrene and blood poisoning this problem requires urgent surgery to remove the implant - and naturally most of the remaining breast tissue - leaving major, permanent scarring...and basically no-breast!

You could even end up
feeling one great big 'tit'!...

The rarest problem, but one which can sometimes occur after breast augmentation, is Symmastia! This is where on occasion, usually due to poor surgical technique, the implants might lift away from the breast bone, and then both sink in the center - leaving to all intents and purposes - the unfortunate 'victim' with one 'large breast' right across the the body. This is a difficult complication to correct surgically...and even more difficult to find a bra for! (Author's Note: Apologies to any unfortunate victims for the tasteless humour.)

So...what about a safer alternative?

Well, not that I want to sound old-fashioned, but how about making do with just what nature has blessed you with? Ok, they may eventually sag, they may even shrink, they may not be quite a matching pair, indeed they may never be the perfect specimens of your imagination (or your partner's imagination!!)...But unless you are an extreme case, with a genuine peychological issue to address, then if you ever find that you have enough money to consider 'going-under-the-knife' in the name of vanity, you probably have some serious examination of your personal values to undertake!

Plus (whoever is paying for your breast augmentation - BEWARE!!) - research has shown that those who do decide to 'invest' in plastic surgery in pursuit of some notion of perfection are often just at the start of a slippery slope of neverending dissatisfaction...and diminishing returns! (Well just look at the freakish results that some all-too-well-known celebrities have ended up with!)

Indeed the best way to a better figure is surely not from a quick fix at the point of a scalpel - and by having bags of liquid chemicals (no matter how inert) inserted into your body. A programme of exercise can help and the choice to spend a little of that 'excess of cash' (that would have been wasted on breast augmentation) on better quality food - organic of course would be another step in the right direction. And naturally, something else likely to help keep your breasts healthy even if it does not actually enhance their magnitude, is to get the all too prevalent toxic synthetic chemicals out of your body care regime.

A better investment than plastic surgery...

Studies now clearly show, for instance, that the family of 'preservatives' known as parabens, and appearing on ingredients labels as 'methyl-paraben', 'ethyl-paraben', 'butyl-paraben' and 'iso-paraben' - all commonly used in popular skin care products and cosmetics are now routinely found in breast tissues and tumours.

Amongst many other chemicals - that are also known to have carcinogenic (cancer causing) properties - such as pthalates (often 'hidden' in synthetic fragrance formulations) - you should look towards more wisely 'improving' your body by reducing your toxic load.

You can do this by checking the ingredients on your body care, skincare, hair care, oral care and cosmetics - and replacing the chemical laden concoctions with products that only use safe, natural, certified organic ingredients. The best place to find an excellent range of products is: Safer Alternative Skin Care -- so take a look today. You can also begin keeping abreast of toxins in your life by getting your copy of our PC-desktop Directory E-book, today: Toxic Ingredients E-book!

Start making these positive investments in your well-being today and by the time you (and your partner) are too old to be bothered about what your 'boobs' look like any more, at least you will stand a chance of being healthier and fitter all round! So stop thinking about breast augmentation and start putting your long-term good health 'up front' instead!

(This edited Breast Augmentation article originally appeared on
the Toxic Time-Bomb Blog (2006) by Al G Smith MSc, BSc)


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