Can simply eating well be
the best cancer insurance
money can buy?

Is there such a thing as anti cancer insurance? What could be the best insurance against cancer now that the odds of suffering one form or another of this disease has risen to a 1 in 3 chance? Well, it might just be food?...There are many experts who think so, which is why we shall discuss some of the key ideas related to diet and cancer prevention here.

This section of will be growing with time to encompass any items of value that we come across about how diet can impact upon cancer, and reviewing the claims of those who talk of beating cancer with nutrition.

For - whilst it seems that poor diet and inadequate nutrition can certainly play an important role in increasing your RISK of developing cancer - it is increasingly certain that an good diet and proper nutrition could provide the best anti cancer insurance you can invest in!

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A few simple ideas to start things off...

The word cancer casts a dark shadow over any conversation when it comes up as a topic. Indeed many folks live in continuous fear of 'cancer' - a phobia exacerbated by regular media scare-stories, increasingly regular 'government health campaigns', and (sadly) the frequency with which our circle of family, friends and acquaintances is so often 'breached' by this 'spectre'.

Who can now say that they have not known, or do not know someone either very close, or at least relatively close, to them who has not, or is not, suffering from one-or-other form of the disease.

In the last few months alone the TV, radio, magazines and newspapers have featured stories related to breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, testicular cancer, and cancer of the name just a few. Indeed this is no surprise in a society with almost epidemic levels of a disease that was hardly known 100 years ago! Now more than ever finding some form of 'anti cancer insurance' seems imperative.

Beyond road accidents, cancer, including childood leukaemia, is now the number one killer of children in the developed Western world! So it is little wonder that people are running-scared of the possibility that they too may become a statistic!

Can your diet really act as anti cancer insurance?

Increasingly, we are being encouraged to pay more attention to modifying our dietary habits as a way of continuing to enjoy good health. Poor dietary habits formed early in childhood have been clearly shown to increase the risks of suffering one or more of the 'big name' diseases - cardio-vascular disease, diabetes and cancer - later on in life. The fact that we NEED to 'eat better' is not an issue - it is a plain fact. BUT what does 'eating better' really mean?

In recent times, there has been enough 'hulla-balloo' about the problems with consuming too much so-called 'fast-food' - and the risks of children being allowed too frequently to indulge their passion for burgers, crisps, fizzy-pop, French fries, pizza...and the like - that there MUST SURELY be almost no-one left in doubt about the need to control the quantities of this type of food that we (and our kids) consume.

Food Matters - Learn from the World's Leaders in Nutrition and Natural Healing

However, it seems certain that there is still a 'hearts and minds' job to be done on many people - given that, as I write this very article, statistics have been revealed that for the first time in history - there are are now more overweight people (1,000,000,000 - 1 BILLION!!) than under-fed (800,000,000) in the world!

So it seems that, although we are constantly told we need to improve our diets, many folks are signally failing to heed the warnings! We even have 'celebrity' diet advisors - famous for stridently berating the poor fools who volunteer to be humiliated for the obscene quantities of fat-laden food they seem to consume. These 'media victims' even have the very texture, quantity and smell of their faeces discussed!...And is almost certain that those who most NEED to learn about their dietary shortcoming are likely glued to another channel...or watching the programme whilst wading through a king-sized bag of potato-chips!

Nonetheless the concept that food can act as a kind of anti cancer insurance (indeed as insurance against any other disease - major or minor!) if enough of the right things are consumed frequently enough, and in the optimum quantities - offers us very real hope that by changing our habits sooner, rather than later, we may be able to turn the tide of our otherwise potentially ebbing health!

In simple terms some 'tips', relating to how this 'cancer insurance diet' might be embarked on, are offered here as a 'starter' - for what will become a 'main course' discussion, here on this website, in due time:

Food as anti cancer insurance - some 'Hot Tips':

Whilst we won't pretend to be offering a fully fledged cancer prevention diet...these changes in your dietary habits can only contribute to your own anti cancer insurance strategies:

  • Firstly, reduce consumption of processed foods and drinks of any kind. Almost all of these foods have had chemicals added to prolong their life, or modify their color, or create texture or add 'flavour', etc, etc. Eradicating the synthetic chemicals introduced to your body by processed food is an important 'clause' in your your diet based 'anti cancer insurance policy'!

  • Increase your consumption of a reliable source of pure clean water. Some say you should try to consume 2 liters a day! Try increasing your intake steadily - and certainly replace any fizzy drinks you regularly consume with an equivalent amount of water...(more about the problem with 'carbonated drinks' here soon!)

  • Choose less toxically grown foods – i.e. fresh vegetables from organic farms; meats and fish also farmed organically. Ignore the nay-sayers...this IS the only way to be sure you are avoiding numerous toxic chemicals (insecticides; herbicides; fertilizers; fungicides; pesticides) used routinely (AND in MASSIVE quantities) in non-organic 'modern farming'. Such chemicals may well be one reasons for the rise in cancer statistics alone - so avoiding them is a good anti cancer insurance policy.

  • Try and include more fish in your diet. Oily fish like mackerel, sardines, tuna have been widely recommended as a 'good thing' to include in your diet – this is mainly for the essential fatty acids in the form of 'omega' oils that they contain. But you should not consume too much oily fish as some are known to be more likely to carry their own toxic burden of heavy metals like mercury, due to increasing environmental pollution. NOTE: All fish contain these essential fats – even white fleshed fish – so including a variety of fish is a good idea, not JUST oily fish. PLUS there are other sources of Omega oils – Why not try snacking on organically grown hemp seeds for instance?

  • Try and cook fresh foods daily, and do not eat overly large portions - big meals are a 'huge' challenge to the physical system - and cannot only speed up the process of 'ageing', the polluting effect of large amounts foods laying in the 'nooks and crannies' of your bowels, due to overloading and slowing down the digestive system - can become the root of potential problems.

  • It is good idea to go through a complete digestive-system 'detox' - then rebuild your gut flora using a beneficial all natural food supplement such as an organic probiotic (more info about the worlds first certified organic probiotics here). The vital benefit of this process is that you will get more of what you need out of your food, through having a 'repaired' digestive process...and also the u-bends of your intestines will be cleaned out of those vestiges of old food - another important part of your food based anti cancer insurance!

    ADDITIONAL NOTE: Taking supplements on top of an impaired system may, at the least have reduced effect, and at worst is about as good as throwing your money straight down the toilet! Poor digestion and absorption will ensure that most of the potential benefits are soon flushed away! Whereas if you use all natural food supplement like probiotics after you have 'detoxed' your system – you will rebuild your ability to digest food properly - an essential part of developing an effective diet and nutrition based 'anti cancer insurance' strategy!

    And last but not least - read the review of a fascinating alternative cancer healing book a down to earth look at the major issues from someone who has seen cancer devastate his close family!

    Food Matters - Learn from the World's Leaders in Nutrition and Natural Healing!

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