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Alternative Cancer Healing -
Things We All Should Know About

Given the apparent 'epidemic' of cancers our society is blighted by today alternative cancer healing is a topic that is of increasing interest to many people.

The self-styled 'Health Ranger' Mike Adams, who publishes the  www.newstarget.com web site (amongst others) said, in one of his typically strident 'anti-cancer-business' tirades, recently...

"...The only reason you aren't in perfect health today, and the only reason we aren't healthy as a nation, is because we've gone off the map. We stopped following the blueprint. We changed our environment. We changed our foods, our diet, our levels of stress, our use of toxic products like personal care products, deodorants, shampoos, laundry products and soaps with triclosan and antibacterial chemicals. We started popping prescription drugs like a bunch of crack addicts in this country. Forty percent of the nation now is on prescription drugs. Then when people get sick, we poison them with chemotherapy and radiation, and we call it medicine..."
(Unquote) - excerpt from "Beating Cancer" - Mike Adams, Health Ranger (2006)

Which sums up a lot about what the 'problem', or malaise, really is in Western society. It is because we have gone 'off plan' so far that women have a 1-in-3 chance of developing cancer, and men have almost a 1-in-2 chance of developing cancer in the US, with similar figures being approached in the UK and other 'developed' countries, too.

An InterestingResource

Video --  a must see for anyone interested in natural healing:

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Another Great and Instantly Accessible Resource...

One guy who saw his family devastated by cancer is Ty M. Bollinger and that is what inspired him to spend 10 years researching the disease and 'getting to know' the enemy! The results of his studies - a terrific e-book Cancer - Step Outside the Box.

I've read a lot of material myself and spend plenty of time trying to put together worthwhile articles in an easy to read and digest style. Ty took a similar approach to his task as an author of this book about alternative cancer healing.

Ty's book is not a high-fallutin medical text - it is an honest and down-to-earth treatise on the way we have developed a system that leaves most doctors ill-equipped to deal with a disease that can be devastating to so many lives and families. He describes a system that has become oddly 'out of sync' with requirements as far as a disease like cancer goes.

In fact, I'd go as far as to say, Ty's book is 'the one I'd like to have written'. It clearly summarizes how we have come to the point we have. How 'modern medicine' became misguided by an early exponent of the 'media spin' game. How today's 'pharmaceutical culture' has no-interest in actually curing a disease that it can earn bigger bucks by 'treating'. How most typical Doctors are inculcated into a mindset that leaves them unable to counteneance anything other than the 'accepted approach' to treating cancer - let alone consider alternative cancer healing methods!

If you are interested in knowing more about cancer, and in particular alternative cancer healing approaches, then I am pleased to point you in the direction of Ty's superb effort - as an ordinary guy, who wanted to know how HE could avoid the same fate as so amny members of his close family...AND if he did ever suffer from cancer - how could he apply alternative cancer healing techniques that would be less davastating to his system than the dreadful, and frankly barbaric methods generally promoted by the modern medical establishment.

For the small cost, and with the added knowledge that you have a money back guarantee if it doesn't live up to expectations, I urge you to take a closer look at Ty's story and the book that brings together so many interesting facts about the history of how we came to the parlous state we are in with respect to cancer today - and how you could help yourself, or someone you care about by looking at the other side of cancer treatment.

Ty M. Bollinger's overview about alternative cancer healing - which may be challenging in terms of going against the devastating chemical and radioactive means used by hospitals - is a breath of fresh air and a message of hope to all of us who now stand such dire odds of suffering from one or other form of such a frightening disease at some time in our lives!

Take a closer look just now at the details Ty provides about Cancer on his Truth About Cancer website .

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