Chemicals in Cosmetics
A Few of the Main Culprits to
Look Out For & Avoid!

Thankfully chemicals in cosmetics are gradually getting more media attention. Fairly recently (well...mid October 2007!)a new series of exposes on UK TV began, that aimed at getting folks to recognize how 'toxic' their bodies have become as a result of absorbing so many synthetic chemicals via their skin care and make-up. Given that your skin, the largest organ in your body, abosrbs upto 60% of any substance that gets rubbed onto it, it is not surprising that most of us are already becoming quite 'intoxicated'!

If you've been browsing "Go Natural and Organic", you will probably have found several references to some of the chemicals we should all be wary of. We need to learn their names, watch out for them on labels, and take action by AVOIDING products that contain them. In fact Chemicals in skin care and cosmetics are only one source of synthetic compounds that we are assaulting our bodies, and our immune systems with every day!

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Many household products contain chemical cocktails. We may use less aerosols that utilize ozone damaging Chloro-fluoro-carbons, or CFC's than we did a few years ago, but we use an increasing number of 'room freshening products' that 'puff', vaporize, or squirt a range of volatiles into our environmental air. These supposed odor neutralizers are simply a bunch of unpleasant chemicals and many folks choose to live in a chemical haze in the folly of trying to achieve a 'fresher air' in their home -- It begs the question why spare the ozone layer yet still destroy our lungs, or maybe even lay the foundations for cancer? It's All Quite Mad!

But as you'll probably recognize, the 'axe' we particularly grind on relates to known toxic synthetic chemicals in cosmetics and skin care. Products that are sold as being beneficial to the quality, texture, youthfulness (or whatever) of our skins...all so much money-spinning nonsense from manufacturers within a multi-billion dollar industry that sell a dream at the potential cost of our health...and all with little apparent conscience, or ethics!

This page serves simply as a hub, to direct you to specific articles we feature on the website about chemicals in cosmetics and other products that we really should make every effort to reduce our exposure to, and avoid if possible. Chemicals such as:

  • Trethanolamine or TEA (and its kin - DEA & MEA)

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (or Sulphate) -- Ubiquitous nasty!

  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (or Sulphate) -- Ditto!

  • The Ugly 'Paraben' Family!

  • Dimethicone the Wax in many hair conditioning products!

  • Titanium Dioxide found in toothpastes, and suncreams!

  • Limonene -- a common but unpleasant chemical in baby care products!!

    ...and not forgetting chemicals in food either!:

  • Mono Sodium Glutamate!

  • Plus potenially cancer triggering Acrylamide!!

    And there is always the Glossary you can refer to for brief notes on a whole lot more nasties... or why not lay claim to a copy of our 'Toxic Ingredient - Spotters Handbook' (while it is STILL FREE), which also includes some additional interesting articles about chemicals in cosmetics and more, just fill in the request form below and you'll be able to download it immediately:


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