Dont Wax On! Wax Off!

OK, here a short article about Dimethicone that you might have missed when it appeared on Toxic Timebomb Blog - Most people did! ;D

This is yet another example of a commonly found ingredient used in many off-the-shelf and big-brand skin care and hair care products... but it beggars belief as to why the manufacturers still get away with it!!


Not a lyrical waxing...

"More about ingredients in every-day personal-care products...

So you're already aware that you may be paying a fortune for a few millilitres of water...with some other chemical junk added to it and you are happily buying this toxic potion because you are being told that it will 'actively renew your skin' – or 'decrease your wrinkles', or 'make a visible difference in X days'...etc.

You have lapped up the Star-trek like techno-babble about 'nano-particles' – because after all, some person in a lab coat has extolled the virtues of these microscopic elements to your 'looks' (even though there has been no exhaustive testing of the safety of these chemicals that are deliberately made to be easily absorbed by your skin cells!!!)

You are merrily intoxicating the most delicate parts of your body – each time you shower, or moisturize, or powder, or ‘hydrate’...and worse still you are ‘role-modeling’ this activity for your children to emulate...

So what other things might you come across if you should try to decipher the micro-print of your latest skin-care favourites aesthetically perfect labelling...

How about:

Dimethicone: It is a form of silicone ‘wax’ that apparently imparts "lubricity and softness to personal care formulations" (Source: www.baschem.co.uk) and whilst it is described by the 'chemists' as "basically non-hazardous with a very low order of toxicity" - the advice that accompanies this observation includes the fact that: "contact with the skin or with the eyes may cause irritation"!!

...Perfect for skin-care products then?!! Not!! ;-O

Add to this the fact that Dimethicone has been shown to cause tumors and mutations in experimental work with animals and... well we leave it to you to decide. Do you want to continue to cover your body with products that may feel 'softer' or 'slicker'...BUT contain this potentially mutagenic and carcinogenic chemical?..."


If your answer is NO?...

Take a look at some safer alternative organic products that are now available, which contain NO synthetic chemicals at all!

You'll be dumbfounded at the risks we are all running if we continue to use toxic chemical based skin care and hair care preparations. You will also find that nature provides some SUPERB ingredients that also have fantastic 'lubricity and softness' - with no need for irritant waxes in the mix!!

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