The Importance of
a Diabetes Cure

Does a diabetes cure seem like a far off dream to you? If you are steeped in conventional thinking about this so-called 'disease' that affects so many, in increasing numbers, then it probably does.

According to the American Dietetics Association diabetes is currently incurable, and demands an ever increasing amount of funding for research to try and find the answers to this debilitating condition that reduces the quality of life and ultimately the lifespan of many people.

A Diabetes Cure Already?

But what if there was already something - a strategy, a method, a remedy - that was readily available and has already proven its efficacy for many people worldwide? More about that in a minute...but first a word about diabetes itself...

It is acknowledged there is a great deal of sensitivity about the fact that there are two generally accepted 'types' of diabetes that are quite different. Some 80% to 90% of sufferers of a diabetic condition are classed as 'Type II' - and this is described by some experts as a disease of 'choice' - because it essentially develops out of lifestyle choices. In effect people 'choose' to become diabetic out of maintaining poor dietary habits which has resulted in becoming overweight, a major indicator for the development of a pre-diabetic and then a diabetic condition.

When a person is overweight by a substantial amount their biological system is under a great deal of stress. One typical stress is that a 'normal' sized pancreas is trying to produce enough insulin (where the pancreas still operates) to deal with a more than normal sized body. This stress eventually leads to pancreatic dysfunction, or indeed cessation of function, as the organ simply 'runs-out-of-steam'.

Food Matters - Learn from the World's Leaders in Nutrition and Natural Healing

In essence the diabetic symptoms arise from either the pancreas ceasing to function, or the body failing to react to normal amounts of produced insulin - either way the diagnosis is diabetes Type II. Most often, if sufferers are caught at an early stage, then treatment at least initially will revolve around strict dietary control and modification which may be enough to keep their diabetes under control. But if the situation worsens, perhaps through a lack of motivation to maintain any dietary strictures, then insulin dependence can develop.

Type I diabetes is a rather different situation. This type of diabetes usually strikes young people and is often referred to as early-onset, ot childhood diabetes. It is often a devastating diagnosis not only for a young suferer but also for their family, for trying to accommodate all of the demands of the illness can be stressful and worrying for parents and siblings and the thought of a lifetime of increasing insulin depenedence is depressing. For this particular version of diabetes the current orthodox view is that there is no diabetes cure!

Type 1 diabetes is generally acknowledged as an auto-immune disease - meaning that the body's own immune system begins to 'attack' healthy elements of the body causing consequent problems. This process - it is claimed in conventional medical research terms - is not well understood...and of course continues to demand ever increasing research funding! But what if there were real alternatives that have already had positive impact even on Type 1 diabetes that is so often considered as incurable.

We hope that we can offer some useful resources here on "Go Natural and Organic" that particularly inform those who have been under the 'trafitional' illusion that there is no such things as a diabetes cure...

For what is key to the resources we provide links to, and information about, is recognizing that diabetes can not only be be managed but even overcome with the adoption of certain lifestyle related strategies... and foremost amongst these (not surprisingly perhaps) has a lot to do with to diet...but not necessarily the way that conventional approaches would necessarily suggest.

Food Matters - Learn from the World's Leaders in Nutrition and Natural Healing!

All that can be said is that there is heartening evidence of a diabetes cure, with testimonials to review, that demonstrates that sufferers from both Type 2 AND Type 1 diabetes have had amazing results employing these natural strategies. Taking a natural approach towards treating diabetes is obviously not an overnight cure, nor a simple magic bullet - BUT the key difference is that rather than using chemical and pharmaceutical 'palliatives' that simply address the symptoms of diabetes - a 'disease' that is itself a strictly speaking a 'symptom' rather than a disease - you will be making changes that actually address the underlying causes of the ill-health.

To be fair some will be more fortunate than others and some will make greater progress more quickly - but it seems safe to say that ALL diabetics could benefit and should pay serious regard to the steps that are described within the resources we provide information about.

Diabetes - A Complex Combination

What is also important to accept is that diabetes is often a complex issue of both physiological and psycho-emotional elements - as will become clearer if you decide to take a closer looks at some of these fascinating resources. So it is important that both aspects are addressed and appropriately treated...But we hope this will become evident as you investigate more of these pages and links about the reality of finding a natural diabetes cure.

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