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Gregg Braden

For over 20 years Gregg Braden has been investigating, researching, writing and presenting information about how modern day science has been confirming the ancient knowledge and wisdom of civilizations from many thousands of years ago.

With a background in Physical sciences and computing that bought him to work for the defence industry in the US during a critical period in world relations during the mid to late 1980's - the period termed 'the Cold War' - he was ever more inspired to seek out more about the patterns that influenced bith his working life - developing 'patter recognition' software and the deeper and more profound pattrerns in Nature that had indpired him since his early childhood.

Anyone who has heard Gregg speak will recognize his tone of informed, articulate authority. He is a rare individual who communicates complex ideas and information in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand...and the things he communicates are often amazing and enthralling.

Gregg Braden has published numerous books to accompany the steps of his own journey of learning and these have related to such things as:

  • The hidden messages that appears to be encodedd into our DNA

  • The wonders of medicineless healing practiced by the Tibetan Monks who still retain untarnished the wisdom of ancient times

  • Insights into the Matrix, or Field of energy, that envelopes the Earth and to which we are all intimately commected

  • The prophecies of ancient Mayan and other civilizations whose amazing knowledge is only now being confirmed by the most advanced modern science

  • Explanation of the 'fractal' nature of time itself and how grasping this can lead anyone to achieve immense improvements in their life

    ...and many more inspiring and eye-opening teachings and revelations.

    For anyone who has not come across Gregg's work defore it seems hard to believe that any seeker-of-knowledge and understanding will fail to be moved and enlightened by listening to the many resources or reading these books - highly recommended. Gregg also has his own website with useful links, resources and information about his online and personal appearances in the coming months at:

    BE SURE TO SEE: Video interview with Gregg Braden on his publication "The God Code" here

    PLUS: Here is one of Gregg's original presentations from 2000 that is uplifting and inspirational, and relates to how we all need to learn about and employ compassion and blessing in our lives:

    AND: Do not miss Gregg Braden's latest book telling of the critical period the Earth is in as we near the 'end' of the current World Age and begin the 'Fifth Age'; a time that has been forecast to commence on the 'fateful' date of the winter solstice, the 21st December 2012. This book - entitled Fractal Time - which raises issues of huge significance that can impact positively on the lives of those who grasp their importance...

    ALSO...see our Gregg Braden Library featuring many more of his works in a variety of media: Gregg Braden Library

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