Insomnia and Diet

Is what you eat keeping you awake?

The problem of Insomnia and diet can be directly linked. Could changing YOUR diet make the difference to your slep patterns?

One of the main reasons that we have difficulties in our lives, is often a result of the environment we live in, its no surprise. Some of the things that we have to cope with in the environment are really outtside our control, such as external air-pollution, chemicals in our tap water and so on. There are things that we do have more control over, yet choose to subject ourselves to on a regular basis, however, that can be at the root of different issues we may be suffering. For example, eating the wrong things can regularly throw our bodies out of its natural balance, and lead to problems that range from headaches to GERD, and skin complaints to insomnia.

That is why it is important for you to change the way that you are eating if you find that your body is going out of balance. Unfortunately, many people don't even realize that this is happeneing. They simply assume that the symptoms they are experiencing have started for no reason whatsoever, or are perhaps a 'sign' of aging, or realte to some other outside influence.

The fact of the matter is, if we have some kind of a sickness or a problem in our lives, there is a root cause that needs to be discovered. Frequently the most obvious, yet easily overlooked, the root cause of these types of problematic symptoms, including sleeplessness, is related to the foods that we choose to eat.

One food that many people consume far too much of, for example is -- sugar. Whilst our bodies actually use the energy libertaed from metabolizing glucose, a type of sugar, the probelm is that we consume far too much simple sugar (or sucrose or related simple sugars). We would naturally get enough fuel to be turned into glucose from a good balanced diet, but in recent generations a sweet-tooth has developed and led to all sorts of swetened products (some obvious and some less obvious) saturating our groceries and overwhelming our bodies!

After consuming sugary treats our biological system 'dumps' a lot of different hormones into our bloodstream as a result of the rise of sugar levels in our blood. For example, the pancreas will immediately react with a flood of insulin. Although many people get lethargic whenever this takes place, it can go on to throw your system out of balance to the point where you actually end up with insomnia.

If you really want to be able to get rid of problems such as insomnia, you need to start eating better. A good satrt would be to take a few weeks and work on cutting out as much unneccessary sugar as possible out of your diet. This not only involves cutting out confectionery, cereal products, cakes, and sweetened tea and coffe... but also requires regular label reading to avoid hidden sugar in manufactured products

You could also remove many of the other things that people generally consider to be healthy, such as soy and wheat, but which also have a potentially negative impact on your health in ways that might be affecting your sleep patterns. Try this for a while and you would probably be surprised to find out that you will not only be getting a better night's sleep on a consistent basis, your entire mood will be changed. Eat well and include with plenty of vegetables (raw when possible, and as many green choices as possible) and a moderate amount of less-sweet types, cur back sahrply on carbohydrate sources (which are close to being soources of sugar) of fruits and you should notice a difference in the way that you are sleeping, and feeling, really quite quickly.

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