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In order for me to be able to spend more following meditation tips myself I'll admit to being just a little bit 'lazier' than normal here in this section. The author of the Meditation Expert website has compiled so many excellent articles and resources about meditating that I have 'hand-picked' a few for you to read here.

If these meditation tips inspire you to find out more be sure to take a look at the many other interesting resources for meditating at the site -- then come back here naturally! ;-)
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Meditation Tips (1) A Basic Lesson on Meditation

"Back to a lesson on basic meditation -- what to do and what's likely to happen when you start on the pure road of true spiritual practice.

All the meditation methods of the world involve learning to let go of your thoughts so that you can cultivate a state 'empty' of mental scattering, and free of 'rather invisible undercurrent' scenarios of mental interpretation and clinging.,/p>

Thoughts are always flying around in your mind, and you're always subtly clinging to them without knowing it. They are like a cloud of mosquitoes that have chi energies attached to them, and our fixation on those energies interferes with the true human underneath that actually functions with 'cosmic' awareness.

Get rid of that incessant clinging, get rid of all sorts of layers of invisible 'false' thought that screen you from your original nature, and at the minimum you'll attain a mental scenario of peace called 'samadhi.'

At the best -- if you clear away everything including the notions of being an ego --you can achieve..." -- (A Basic Lesson - CONTINUES HERE)


Meditation Tips (2) Here are the Meditations That Have Been Known to Help Cancer Patients. Learn Them, Practice Them!

"Meditation will help in the cure of almost any type of disease because it involves activating your vital energies, but the * Big One * we should focus on is how it can help when someone has CANCER.

Probably the most advanced book on cancer and alternative treatments is John Boik's "Cancer and Natural Medicine," which is endorsed by several physicians. It provides you with all sorts of information on alternative remedies for cancer as well as survival rate statistics that your doctor is not likely to give you.

In his book, Boik mentions the Australian psychiatrist Ainslie Meares who found that the most effective form of healing meditation for cancer patients was intensive sessions of imageless meditation, meaning "emptiness meditation" or "meditation without thought." This was the type of meditation that got the best results when people were using meditation in conjunction with modern medicine to treat their cancer.

Meares found that..." -- (Meditating Techniques and Cancer - CONTINUES HERE)


And an article I think I basically added just for me with all the hours I spend on the Information Highway!! ;-)

Meditation Tips (3) "Computer Poisoning" From Too Much Internet Usage? Learn Meditation!

"A big problem in today's busy world is the build up of stress, and for some people, much of that stress comes from sitting for hours in front of a computer. The body might be still, but the mind starts frantically running around trying to decipher things, like a thousand piece orchestra playing all sorts of chaotic tunes.

As just one example, today the mind of a typical internet marketer seems preoccupied with having to figure out new tricks to get sites quickly indexed in the search engines. Or it might be stressed about whether the affiliate or adsense income is dropping, and what to do about it. The mind is always spinning trying to figure out some new demands put on it by the frantic competitive pace of the internet, a pace so fast that normal product life cycles that used to last years last only months, if not weeks.

Far too much too much stress is absorbed by the internet marketer. With the hectic pace and demands put on knowledge workers today, the end result is that you must learn how to..." -- (Computer Poisoning Article!- CONTINUES HERE)




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