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Baby, Wipe It Out - How To Reduce Your Baby's Exposure To Toxic Chemicals
If you think that using baby wipes is a nice, modern, hygienic way to keep your little one clean then this article aims to make you think again. In an age of burgeoning childhood cancers, is there any excuse for regularly assaulting your baby's most sensitive parts with a toxic-chemical soaked rag? Take a look at just what you ae exposing your little one to every time you use a baby wipe...Baby Wipes article here

Is Your Teenager Suffering From Depression? Clues Every Caring Parent Should Watch For!
[Topic: Health-and-Fitness:Depression]
Both teenage, and even childhood depression have been shown to be on the increase, particularly in developed Western societies like the US, UK and Northern Europe. It is important that as a responsible and caring parent you put some homework in to familiarizing yourself with those signs and symtoms that could indicate that your almost-adult-child could be suffering......Teen Depression article here

Would YOU Let Your CHILD Put This in Their Mouth?
[Topic: Health-and-Fitness:Dental-Care]
A simple everyday activity that you are probably MAKING your kids do could potentially be harming their health. What if you discovered that you might unwittingly be encouraging your children to do something that COULD be positively harmful for them? How would that make you feel? And if you knew how to stop doing this easily and quickly...why, well you would stop as soon as possible, wouldn't you? If you insinctively answered: "Yes, yes...Of course I would!" - then read on...Dangerous Toothpaste article here

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