5-20 September 2009
is Organic Fortnight
in the UK

Find out more about going organic at one of the events throughout the UK during Organic Fortnight!

It is this years major event focusing on organic lifestyle - and why we ALL need to be more conscious of going organic in all areas of our lives.

Choosing organic food is one small step on the way towards adopting a better healthier lifestyle. Food is jusr one way that we are exposed to countless chemicals. Choosing organically grown food as the Soil Association says, means that your food "contains more of the good stuff we need, and less of the bad stuff we don't need"!

Organic Fortnight - It's time to prove
YOU'RE not 'too weak willed' to Go Organic ;-)

But as visitors to www.gonando.com will be beginning to realize this is just one aspect of our lives that we need to change.

Keeping truly beautiful and healthy means getting rid of toxic skin care and cosmetics and choosing genuine organic alternatives. Always look for independent, 3rd party certification, to be sure of a products organic provenance. Whether it is ACO (Australian Certified Organic), USDA (Unite Stae Department of Agriculture) certified, Ecocert from France, or UK's Soil association - be sure your products have one or more accredited certifications...and be confident that they are truly organic products.

For instance - NO product gets ACO certification if it is not AT LEAST 95% MINIMUM made with certifed organic ingredients. This requires comprehensive paperwork and traceability of ingredients, for every batch of products manufactured, to be traced back to the fields in which the ingredients were grown!

Have you thought about choosing organic textiles too? It is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH just to opt for a natural textile like cotton for your kids clothes! Why? - Because modern farmed cotton crops account for a MASSIVE amount of chemical pesticides being used in the countries where 'ordinary' cotton crops are grown.

Only by going organic are you contributing to reductions in the many thousands of tons of highly toxic chemicals - that devastates the eco-system...and leaves traces in the cotton clothes your kids skin is directly in touch with - perhaps for hours a day - and night. Choose ONLY organic cotton and know your doing your bit for the planet AND protecting your kid's health!

If you do not know what is going on locally, then check out the Soil Associations website - and find out what they have to say about what is happening in YOUR AREA, So that you can and get involved with one of the many Organic Fortnight events up and down the UK during September.

Going Organic - is better for you, better for your kids...and altogether better for the planet! Start making those lifestyle changes, now! If you are UK based then be sure to use Organic Fortnight as the impetus for your family to Go Organic


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