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If you've looked around this website already you have seen reference to organic skin care and other organic products. Well it is not surprising with a website name like 'Go Natural and Organic' maybe. But I recently answered a question about 'Which brands of cosmetics do not use animal testing?' on Yahoo!Answers (yes I was there again ;-D)- and this was because it made me think that folks can sometimes be a bit 'short sighted' or at least have a limited view of what 'animal testing' means.

People normally think of animal testing, and the concept of cruelty free cosmetics as having to do with ethically-questionable practices by morally-impaired men in white coats, who spend all day squirting shampoo into rabbit's eyes!

They fail to recognize that buying and using Organic Skin care, such as miessence, has a much bigger positive impact than simply reducing the incidence of a bit of 'laboratory based cruelty'... You will get my gist, if you take a quick look at my answer below:

Definitely NOT organic skin care!

Whilst many (if not most) products now suggest that they do not undertake testing on animals, there are certainly other issues you need to consider if you are seeking to become truly ethical in your beauty care buying habits.

Testing on animals is abhorrent and it is clear that it is often of little use for predicting the effect of chemicals on human beings - which further undermines its use as a method of assessing safety. One web site that features abundant information, plus details of organic skin care and cosmetics products that contain absolutely NO ingredients that are tested on animals is Safer Alternative...

Man has introduced many tens of thousands of synthetic chemicals into our lives over the last half-century. Chemicals that never existed before in nature - and about which we have little, or no, knowledge about what their long-term impact on us, animals or the planet will be.

Every year the many millions of people in the developed world, at the mercy of billions of dollars of advertising-spend are persuaded to buy and use beauty and personal care products that incorporate a vast array of worrisome chemicals.

Not only is it now known that many of these pose clear health threats - many products contain chemicals that are KNOWN to be associated with human cancers for example. We know that around 50% of the constituents of our beauty products, cosmetics may be absorbed directly into the body by through the pores of skin.

But possibly even worse than this is the largely unacknowledged, massive 'unofficial' animal and environmental 'testing' that goes on due to the gallons of these chemicals washed off our skins down the drain! The ecological damage is incalculable. Just because it is not taking place in a laboratory - ANY products that contain ANY chemicals of a synthetic and unnatural nature, must be suspect in respect of the huge threat their indiscriminate release down drains and into public waterways pose to our delicate eco-systems.

Organic Skin Care
Kinder to Animals, Safe for the Planet!

Humans are already picking-up-the-tab in terms of health problems thanks to the virtually uncontrolled use of a wide range of toxic chemicals throughout products we uses and come into contact with every day. Amongst worse offenders in terms of health threats are indeed so called beauty products, which contain many known, harmful toxic chemicals...with almost no real research to clarify the potential risks involved for people who use several layers of products on their skins daily.

The marketing men seem happy to 'beseech' us to keep plastering ourselves with toxic substances...because apparently 'we are worth it'*(?!?)

The issue of animal testing is now relatively small in so far as it is widely recognized as being an unethical practice that carries huge negative media potential for any company that still employs it.

What we should be more worried about is the totally uncontrolled release of vicious, toxic chemical residues washed down our drains every day to the untold damage of our withering eco-systems...we ourselves may be long gone before our great-great-grandchildren start to pay the real price for our short-sighted behaviour...but this does NOT mean we should abdicate our responsibilities.

One of the world's only truly safe full ranges of organic skin care and beauty care that has not only been developed from a strict ethical perspective, using natural CERTIFIED organic ingredients (this means you can be assured of their organic provenance...NOT like many off-the-shelf items that have little or NO real organic qualities) is now provided by

(NOTE: there is also a great deal more comprehensive information on this web site that explains in more depth why you should be concerned about MORE than simply animal testing if you are truly trying to live a more ethical life - as well as full details about the extensive range of beauty products, organic skin care and all their 100% natural ingredients - NONE of which are tested on animals.)

I cannot apologise for having covered some of the ground again in this item, that I mention elsewhere on this web site...the issue of choosing organic skin care that you can rely on as genuine (i.e. CERTIFIED), and that neither harms animals in its making, nor the environment in its use, REALLY IS THAT bears repeating! Please pass on the good word! ;-)

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