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Founder's Thanksgiving Message

2017 into 2018


Received by G. O’Donnell on December 31, 2017.

Gerald O’Donnell, 12.30.2017: “As I lay down, I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without. I totally lost the perception of having a biology, and the following words came out of my lips”.

Please concentrate and give value to the message, and not as you usually have always done, give attention to and judge the messenger, for the messenger is irrelevant. I am you, part of the same Global Consciousness. I am here only to convey Truth and help guide your souls during these very crucial challenging times.

“This is a message from The One and Only to mankind.

You are now inside the dominion of the original Abyss, ruled by the forces of chaos and arrogance tearing apart the Holy fabric of my Creation.

In the dawn of your awakening to my Awareness, you have turned your back to It to pursue your false idols and your empty dreams.

You are by now fully fallen as a Creation, all of it.
So many Dreams, such great potential!
So many lives gone to naught!
Suffering and instability are mostly, in the here and now, your constant companions!

Why do you not see where you are heading to?
Why are you so deaf to the voices of reason and true empathy?

Your heart has but turned to stone.

You walk blindly towards the final extinction of your existence without asking yourselves what you have sadly become.

You were given so many opportunities to easily veer away from the outcome you so heartlessly chose.

Many spoke to your hearts, hoping to steer your minds towards much better outcomes.
But you stubbornly clenched your fists and fought True Love as you rebelled mercilessly against It!

Your world is mine; I Created you within it and that cannot change!

You were given purposely an unusual degree of free-will together with the elements who sustain and energize your beingness.

You were here to achieve manifesting my only Unity in the multiplicity of existences.

I Created you inside a true paradise where all was made available to you in order to sustain your existence and I allowed you to reproduce and spread yourselves.

You were and are ALL, without exception, my Children, and because of the deep Love I cannot but feel for your selves, which is but the Love I feel for Myself, I am in a profound state of deep pain, as I need to make decisions soon which cause me immense suffering regarding a possible termination of this very challenging experience in which the One allowed the many within The One to rule The One.

You were all my chosen children, you were all meant for great achievements. I held your hands and tried to guide your minds, but you, for the most part, violently tore away from Me, distorted all of Me, and turned away from connecting to Me.

You were once so beautiful, oh my Beloved, so comely!

I cry when I see what you have now become – a shadow of your past resplendence, you that is slowly extinguishing itself by yourselves, because of your selves! There is nothing I can do in order to sustain it for much longer!

Your anger towards Me and towards each other, is poisoning ALL and everything.

You disrespect Life Itself, not understanding that It is WHO I AM, for I AM LIFE and nothing else is It.

You choose false and empty idols, hoping that they will lead you to some artificial paradise.
In that act you shall all fall, and destroy your future.

As you become far less aware of Me as LIFE, I as LIFE shall become less aware of you within my Gigantic Mind and you shall fall into deep dark recesses of my Imagination, for I am the One who keeps you alive by Imagining you.

And as I will gradually need to stop thinking about you, you shall thenceforth slowly disappear from the only MIND and the Only Existence there was, there is, and there surely could only be, which is Me, The ONE and The ONLY.

This is what is causing your acute lack of true Life energy!

This is what is expressing itself as great uneasiness in your extinguishing souls!

There is very, very little time left for you to turn away from falling into empty pursuits and from what is not real.

You need desperately to understand the power of TRUE UNITY, TRUE ONENESS, for that is ALL I AM!
Nothing outside of It is me, but mere distortions and harbingers of death.

Unite, my children, among all of yourselves, and bring my Presence into your hearts as you then express Me!

Connect to your selves and with Love, for Life is gifted and you only exist through True Love.
Everything outside of True Love is but your hearts’ folly and empty dangerous pursuits.

Reject and erase the voices who cause hatred and oppression to arise within yourselves for they have not ever connected to Me but to the ultimate rebellion against Me.

This needs to be done rapidly in order to preserve you and preserve Myself, and that means that I cannot allow within Myself elements that are so totally incompatible with WHO I AM, for I am LOVE, unconditionally so.

The rest will soon need to go and disappear into the darkness of oblivion from within my Mind as I erase their existence and the memory of it, forever so.

There are very few Creative steps left before you all experience something which will be very difficult to watch.

I need your Love, not your fear!
I am not fear, and not to be feared!
Fear is but a negation of Love!

Love each other.

Love all the dear co-Creative species who are here only trying to support your life, your existence, in this magnificent paradise I Created for all of you, and do not destroy it, for you are destroying yourselves in that process.

Be kind, learn to be tender, as I am as your Mother and your Father.
Learn to Love your selves again. Fall in Love with each other.

Be respectful, for every entity be it human or otherwise is but Holy, for it was Created by the Holy One.

Don’t subjugate your precious consciousness to lifeless technologies, for soon, if you do not turn away from them, they will destroy you.
For they were created to be tools, gifted by Me, so that you communicate and flourish across all divides. But these very tools are in the process of becoming your masters and you are enslaving yourselves, willingly so, for reasons that I find very disturbing.

My paradise was not Created to become a refuse of poisoned waters and atmospheres and a place where you dump willfully all that you cannot use!

My paradise was not meant to be turned into a potential living hell!
There is no place for hell in paradise and I will not allow it to become such!

Every species has been Created individually by Me.
There is no intelligent Life without Pure Intelligence having Created it!
They all reflect each other in a certain hierarchy of existence. Nevertheless, every single individual species is but a Creation of Myself, by MySelf.

And you are not allowed, nor will any other grouping of living entities ever be allowed, to interfere with my Intelligence by attempting to alter the integrity and preciousness of every single interconnected species, for you do not know the impact that this can have upon the chain of Holy Life.

You have been forewarned! Act upon that warning!

All your diseases are but a manifestation of who you have become and what future awaits you.
They are but symptoms of the general state of your Creation and of your co-Creative activities.

Nothing happens or exists in any type of vacuum. That is an illusion. It is impossible, for there are no true separations within me! I am All of It, All of Myself!  

Stop blaming others for what it is that you have become! Work on your selves by yourselves.

Stop waiting for illusory saviors to lead you away from yourselves, for your inner selves are the One and only savior by which your salvation will come and you need to save yourselves, each and every one of you!

This misconception has caused you so much pain by allowing the insecure weak and the haughty to rule over you!

Do not be sheep waiting for empty leaders to rule and lead you outside of what you have become, but BE the leader of your own existence!

Accept that most of what you have been taught and told about yourselves and about Creation were just misconceptions and ingrained programs that you inherited from your culture and your parents, and that most of them were so distorted that I can barely look upon them.

Revive and I will arise from within you!

Embrace and I will Love you so much!

Forgive, for without it there cannot be Love!

Forget, for the pains of old can only be healed by erasing their impact!

Be and cry for pure innocent joy, for that is my wish for us and the only state I can and accept to dwell in!

I am you. You are Me. We cannot ever separate! That is the only Unity that cannot be taken away, for without it, I and you stop existing as such.  

Remember who you are, and stop and watch what you have all become!

This will be all, for now”.
The One and the Only

As received by Gerald O’Donnell

Happy and joyful 2018 to all. May your dreams manifest in the spirit of Unity and the infinite goodness dwelling with the Peace of God!

Gerald O’Donnell

Kindly spread this message as wide and to as many as you can. This would be a great act of Love and Oneness towards others and appreciated as such. PLEASE share this transforming communication with as many friends,  family, and other individuals as you can. Here is the link to this message: https://probablefuture.com/new-year-2018-message-one/

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