The Living Matrix:
Reconnective Healing
The Power of Intention
Thought Field Therapy and more...

"The Living Matrix" is an excellent documentary that considers things such as Thought Field Therapy and 'informational medicine', the Power of Intention, Reconnective Healing and many other aspects of our emerging understanding of how our health and wellbeing can be influenced by using 'The Field'.

The Field or 'Matrix' is effectively a 'blanket' of energy , as renowned author Gregg Braden likens it to, into which we are all woven and everything we think, do and (particularly) feel, creates its own impact, wave or 'crinkle' in this 'fabric' of the Universe.

Beginning to grasp the idea of the Universal energy field that we are all part of, and the use of methods like Thought Field Therapy, appears to be an essential step in taking full responsibility for out own health, being able to make remarkable progress towards healing our bodies and our lives - as well as contributing to healing the ills of others!

"The Living Matrix" includes interviews with 'New Biology' Guru, Professor Bruce Lipton; Professor Rupert Sheldrake of Cambridge University; former astronaut (and 'real' moon walker!) Edgar Mitchell - founders of IONS; renowned reconnective healer, Dr Eric Pearl; Energy Medicine researcher, Peter Fraser of NES; Howard Martin and DrRollin McCraty of HeartMath; and many other informed and credible interviewees.

For an inspiring insight into a new understanding of health, wellbeing, oneness, the power of the heart, forms of healing, informational medicine, thought field therapy and the quantum universe, "The Living Matrix" is highly recommended viewing. If you have not already seen it, you cannot fail to be astounded by the results of some of the cutting-edge research projects revealed herein. We urge you to set aside 80-90 minutes and watch this well-produced video as soon as you can:

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