Uses of Sodium Bicarbonate

I was writing about the uses of Sodium bicarbonate recently, when I responded to a facebook query regarding talcum powder. So I decided to extend the response and post it as short article here -- maybe you have more ideas to add -- then get in touch.

But, for now, if you are looking to deodorize and stay safe then look no further than cheap, cheerful and effective Sodium bicarbonate!

Regarding how Sodium bicarbonate may be used -- here are just a few things you can use it for:

1) It is the most effective as a deodorant! Make a solution or wet paste with bicarb and apply to underarms -- leave for a few minutes whilst completing other ablutions -- wash-off to remove any grittiness. If you leave too much bicarb it may soak into, and show through, dark clothing as it dries (but that's a small price for an effective safe deodorizer and not a problem if you leave only a trace of bicarb to do it work). I does not block pores and if absorbed by the body it will only contribute to a healthful alkalizing effect -- so unless you know you have an (unlikely) sensitivity to Sodium bicarbonate, then chuck out those chemical-laced and often health impugning roll-ons, sprays and synthetic splashes, and invest in low-cost, excellent deodorizing effect of Sodium bicarbonate! It is the most effective deodorant, has no chemical fragrances, has no known ill effects, and can actually works for 24 hours and sometimes more -- as it neutralizes skin acids and deters bacterial growth. (If you DO still want or need something hat adds a little natural fragrance to your life then take a look at organic skin care products.)

2) Sodium bicarb dissolve in water (about a teaspoon to a half pint/10oz) is also good as mouth wash to 'nuke' acids. And it matters not a jot if you swallow it! In fact can be good for you... (more tips about overcoming bad breath and halitosis problems)

3) Bicarbonate of soda can also be used as a quick toothpaste (dip a damp toothbrush in powder). Neutralizing mouth acids created by bacteria and counteracting odors -- some people like to combine bicarb with a drop of edible, organic peppermint oil, and a sprinkling of sea salt for regular dentifrice use. Much netter than today's over the counter, fluoride-riddled, chemical-saturated, foamer-infused 'toxic toothpaste' products!

4) It is well known a most effective antacid for combating acid indigestion(about 1 teaspoon in a 5oz glass of water), works fast and costs a fraction of OTC medicines, pills and liquids which are promoted will million dollar marketing!

5) Sodium bicarb can also act as a gentle laxative (2 to 3 teaspoons in a 10oz of water), a glass in the morning and/or evening can occasionally be used to help nature on its way -- although naturally eating well, to achieve good gut health, along with supplements of quality probiotic is a better long-term tactic, if constipation is an regular issue for you!

6) It is also -- amazingly -- a pretty good 'emergency' 'shampoo'. Caught out without shampoo? -- Make a Sodium bicarb paste and and use just as you would normal as shampoo. It works remarkably well especially in soft water areas (such as in Portugal where I used it regularly while short on supplies of organic shampoo)...

7) Use a solution of bicarb to clean fridges, kitchen surfaces, food cutting boards and cool-boxes -- neutralizes odors and cleans too.

8) And of course this doesn't even mention it's traditional role in the kitchen as a raising agent! Good ole' Sodium bicarbonate -- undervalued, low-cost, multi-use and safe!

...So, especially, if you are traveling, be sure never to leave home without a bag of baking soda! Plus it can be fun when they find the bag of 'white stuff' when going through customs!!

We 'luv' Sodium bicarbonate -- Alkalize for health!


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