Medicinal Uses of Aloe Vera

There are many apparent medicinal uses of Aloe vera... indeed increasingly we seem to be seing Aloe popping-up everywhere, for your skin and for your hair, take a little for your tummy or rub some on your gums if they feel funny... Just be sure that the label claims are 'genuine' and not marketing hype though!

Indeed, while the Aloe Vera plant has been aiding humankind for centuries already, it has not been until recently that it has experienced a revival of sorts within the modern medical community. Many proponents of this green succulent of the lily family claim that Aloe Vera is a miracle plant with hundred if not thousands of health related uses. Skeptics claim that it is all hype and that many of Aloe Vera’s "cures" are just placebo effects. Lets us take a little look at a few of the many "miraculous" properties of Aloe Vera plant to find out what the real deal is with this spiky green plant.

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Medicinal uses of Aloe vera:
Starts with the Building Blocks

First of all, the inner gel of the Aloe Vera contains mucilaginous polysaccharides, which are important building blocks that the human body needs. When applied to the skin these MSP’s aid in skin cell rejuvenation and when taken orally, these long chain sugars help settle the stomach as well as aid in everything from indigestion to irritable bowel syndrome. The gel also contains many important vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin E and calcium that are essential to the body if you choose to ingest it. Also, as if that is not enough, the gel also contains anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that can aid in keeping cuts from getting infected when used as a balm. And, if you are still not sold on the stuff, Aloe Vera Gel also contains certain enzymes that can aid in digestion.

Many Aloe Gel proponents suggest ingesting a filleted section of the Aloe’s lance like leaf at least once a day to help improve your digestive functions as well as benefit from the cornucopia of nutrients that is contained within. Skeptics of the plant do not deny that the Aloe gel contains beneficial elements, but still point to various studies that can neither confirm nor deny Aloe’s ability to cure digestive problems.

Medicinal uses of Aloe vera:
The ancient cultures knew about them...

While the watery inner gel in the most sought after part of the Aloe Vera plant with stores selling it to the public by the gallon, it was the sap found on the inner lining of the leaves that was first used for Medicinal purposes by the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians. The yellow latex resin works as a powerful cleansing agent that helps get the bowels moving. Ancient people suffering from constipation would take this stuff and find themselves cleaned out and ready to go in no time. While this yellowish resin is a powerful laxative, most medical professional do not suggest it’s wide spread use due to the painful abdominal cramping that can sometimes be associated with it.

While many supporters of the Aloe lifestyle swear by the plant and its many medicinal uses, the professional medical community still remains a bit skeptical on whether the plant can supercede modern medical practices. However, since the Aloe Vera plant’s gel is non-toxic and does contain many beneficial vitamins, minerals and enzymes, they cannot really argue against the practice of taking it. Since Aloe Vera has been cultivated and used by people for many, many years, one has to think that there is something to the little green plant that makes it worth keeping around.

Medicinal uses of Aloe vera:
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