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Aloe Vera Constipation Cure

Aloe vera constipation cure is one of those reputed healthful benefits that the Aloe vera plant offers. Many folk have discovered that Aloe vera can help with regularity issues although the research world continues to investigate its properties.

In fact when you think of the thick, serrated leaves of Aloe vera plants you probably associate the Aloe vera leaves with that translucent gel that can be scooped out of the center and applied to cuts as a cooling soothing remedy, or eaten fresh for digestive benefits.

Aloe Vera Constipation Remedy

But the gel itself is surrounded by a more fibrous constituent that is rich in a substance called Aloin (well, it would be wouldn't it? Aloe - Aloin?) -- a type of latex (a natural rubber like material). In fact, whilst the gel has noted soothing properties Aloin can act as an irritant. It it is this property that is asssumed to stimulate the bowels into movement, therefore making Aloe vera constipation remedy have its reported beneficial effect.

Indeed this pulp-like (as opposed to the gel) element of the Aloe vera plant has been used for many years in ancient forms of medicine. For example the pulp is reportedly used widely in Siddha medicines in the treatment not only of constipation, but also enlargement of the spleen, zymotic disease, chengamaari (a type of venereal infection) and various other conditions.

Aloe vera Constipation Cure?:
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