Why should you choose an organic
and natural skin care product?

Why do we suggest you should always choose to use a certified organic and natural skin care product or organic cosmetics?

Because in his wisdom Mankind has introduced almost 90,000 unnatural, synthetic chemicals to our daily lives over less than 50 years. In this time the incidence of CANCER has risen to all time high. You cannot avoid exposure to cancer causing agents (carcinogens) by taking pills – you can only make some progress towards this aim by undertaking REAL lifestyle changes.

Why you should choose a natural skin care product...

Cancer occurs essentially when previously normal body cells suddenly start reacting/reproducing in an aberrant way - forming tumours and growths. This can occur due to the cells having been caused to mutate/become 'sick' particularly when the body's normal immune response is compromised. Our immune response can become weakened/impaired due to being overwhelmed by the demand to cope with the toxic effects of unnatural chemicals that our systems have to deal with daily. This is in addition to other numerous demands – fighting off viruses and other bacterial challenges, for instance.

If your wonderful natural system becomes compromised due to your lifestyle, your consumption of foods containing chemical residues, your regular use of chemical laden body care and cosmetics products, and frequent exposure to chemical challenges in the environment and the air you breathe, then no number of pills and combinations of vitamins and supplements will be any real help in helping you avoid major, and even fatal illness. Using an all natural food supplement may help to bring an impaired system back into balance – but only in conjunction with other lifestyle changes.

Choose a natural skin care product...dont gamble that
it 'WON'T be YOU'!

Don't run scared of 'getting cancer' – BUT equally don't 'bury-your-head-in-the-sand'...in other words, don't gamble on the odds of 'it will never happen to me'! For unlike the 14,000,000 to 1 chance that the next lottery winner could be you...REMEMBER your chances of becoming a cancer 'VICTIM' at some time in your life are now 1 in 3 (in the UK, US and some other developed countries)...so it really "COULD BE YOU!"... Unless you take action to reduce your environmental challenges described and BOOST your natural health through getting fitter, and using a 'detox program' followed by all natural food supplement probiotics...

Do make some real decisions today to start making those changes to your lifestyle that will pay dividends in terms of reducing the stress on your system of natural immunity. Nature has provided the wherewithal for your mind and body to 'last a lifetime'. So even if you have not taken enough care of yourself in the past...it is never too late to start taking more care of what you've been blessed with, and you'll begin to 'stack-the-odds' in favour of experiencing health and well-being for years to come!...

So make it an organic and natural skin care product every time...

In summary, here are some points to consider that relate to the IMPORTANT (and often overlooked) necessity of reducing your daily exposure to toxic synthetic chemicals through the personal care products and cosmetics you use and just why you should go for an organic and natural skin care product every time:

  • Many people still don't realize that - if you want to reduce exposure to cancer causing chemicals - you MUST completely overhaul your 'bathroom products and cosmetics' habits... What use is there taking 'vitamin pills', and running a mile a day to keep fit - if you are plastering your body with toxic creams, lotions, moisturizers, soaps, shampoos and conditioners, etc.?

  • This is amazingly important - as your skin can absorb up to 50% or 60% of what you put on it. It is far better to divert 'pill and vitamin' money to 'treat yourself properly' and buy a natural skin care product even though slightly more expensive - BUT beware there are a lot of 'false natural' claims out there.

  • Therefore choose a natural skin care product that is made with NO chemicals, and that preferably uses Certified Organic ingredients (Otherwise the so-called natural ingredients may be derived from chemically manufactured, or cultivated, sources...therefore you could still be exposed to chemicals unwittingly). Look for a recognized international Organic Certification on the label or container...and always check the ingredients (with your FREE Toxic Ingredient Desktop Directory to hand!!)

  • For as guaranteed range of certified organic skincare, hair care, body care, cosmetics and probiotic supplements take a look at www.saferalternative.com - where every 100% natural skin care product is certified organic to FOOD GRADE standards, plus it also includes additional useful information about why you should avoid products with toxic synthetic chemical ingredients.

  • And, for those of you with families, and particularly those with young children – NEVER FORGET that it is your responsibility to set the examples and lay the foundations that will help them to maintain health and wellness throughout their lives, too! Lack of encouragement for children to develop good habits early in life is now recognized as a major risk factor for later ill-health. This includes the bathroom habits you encourage your kids to adopt!

    It is also tragically the case that childhood cancers are at an all-time-high, making a total 'family-lifestyle' overhaul all the more urgent!

    ...So choose 100% natural skincare product every time...always go for organic cosmetics whenever you can, and replace those toxic products you may still use now!...For IF you have not sorted out your lifestyle and done all you can to REDUCE your exposure to toxins and toxic chemicals in your environment – in ALL 3 areas outlined – then you are not doing all you can to reduce your chances of developing one or other form of the so-called BIG 'C'!

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