Synthetic supplements vs
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Can anything help you avoid cancer?

I was talking about all natural food supplements recently when I spotted the following BIG QUESTION that appeared on Yahoo's 'Answers' forum about 'what supplements to take to help you avoid getting cancer?'

Once again my first reactions was one of some incredulity that anyone could think that you could pop a few pills to keep the spectre of becoming one of the 33% of folks (in the UK/US) who, according to statistics, are destined to suffer the disease before they die.

The following article is closely based on the answer I gave to this question...

Can taking supplements really help you avoid cancer?

Buying and taking any supplements should ONLY be considered for periodic use if you know that you are not going to be able to consume a proper, healthy diet for any reason, for a reasonably prolonged period (let's say two to three months, or more). Even then you are best advised to avoid the mass-produced, synthetic chemical based supplements.

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If you MUST use supplements, then an all natural food supplement would be the best kind to choose. Indeed there is an increasingly widely supported suggestion that most, if not all persons 'suffering' the typical 'Western diet' (and I don't mean what 'cowboys' used to eat!) could do with a regular daily dose of an all natural food supplement probiotic – which are discussed elsewhere on the site, so I won't dwell on them here.

But let's briefly consider typical off-the-shelf supplements in general. They can certainly be expensive, they can also vary in quality, and they may even result in negative impacts/adverse effect if you are not completely clued-up about how they inter-act and also about what and why you should take particular pills, powders or potions!.

In fact it would be far better to try and divert supplement spending towards purchasing good fresh foods - PARTICULARLY organic foods. Don't be distracted by the 'nay-sayers' who pooh-pooh the 'organic revolution'- organics are STILL the only products that will help you reduce your consumption of chemical toxins in your food.

True there has been the odd story in the press about underhand farmers supplying non-organic foods under organic labels to take advantage of the price increment. But by and large certified organic produce is consistently reliable and does not get such certification by accident. (NOTE: On the other hand – if you don't see any certification, you have every right to be suspicious of the food organic provenance).

Three steps to reducing your cancer risks

To reduce your chances of developing cancer, for that is all you can hope to do - in the Western/developed world where there is now a typical incidence as high as 1 in 3 for suffering from some form of cancer within your lifetime – you should prioritise REDUCING your daily exposure to synthetic chemical toxins, which may mean generally overhauling your lifestyle.

Consider the three major routes through which we are exposed to toxins every day -

(1) via the foods/liquids we consume
(2) via the air we breathe/environments we are exposed to
(3) via the substances our skin comes into contact with

An all natural food supplement - such as a probiotic - can only play one small part in helping you to reduce your cancer risk. You need to consider taking action in these three areas an an integrated strategy to minimize your daily exposure to toxic chemicals...Follow the links for more ideas on how to do this:

  • Improving your diet and nutrition - Eat your way to health

  • Breathe cleaner air! Reduce your environmental hazards

  • No more 'chemical' Skincare and cosmetics - for your health's sake

  • Alternative Cancer Healing - BOOK REVIEW - Everyone should know more!

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