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More and more people are recognizing the need to seek natural cures for their discomfiting ailments, illnesses and diseases. As they say, "What goes around, comes around" and during a period when many seem to be taking a look around themselves and feeling 'unhappy' with certain aspects of modern life, their is an incresing interest in natural cures treatments, alternative therapies and complementary medicines.

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    Why Natural Cures?

    Now we are great believers in the 'natural order' of things. Whilst we do not decry Man's undoubted intellectual potential we feel that sometimes, as a species, our own conceit, arrogance or over-confidence leads us to think that we can do a better job than nature in many areas, particularly when it comes down to health issues.

    You may also be one of those folks who has come to question the direction in which modern medicine has been going over recent times. I think that the writing has been writ quite plainly on the wall when you take account of the evidence that in a period when we apparently have more scientific know-how and greater medical insight than ever before in history, we are also living in a time when the most advanced societies are experiencing unprecedented levels of illness.

    It seems apparent that whilst we can be 'very clever' about certain aspects of health, we can equally be very stupid about 'interpreting' what we need to do about some health problems. Now this is in part no doubt due to the fact that 'medicine' and 'money' do so much more than simply begin with 'M' in today's 'commercial' world.

    Natural Cures Mean Death to Commerce

    The giant pharmaceutical companies are commercial entities yet chraged with the role and responsibility of researching, developing and producing the medicines for all our ills. This in itself is a questionable situation, is it not? After all, surely medical research and the development of medicines should be free of any possible 'taint' or 'bias' that MIGHT be caused by there being a 'commercial imperative' behind their progression?

    It is undeniably the case that modern medicine has a inherent weakness that specific aspects of human health are managed by 'specialists'. 'Specialist' by their very nature cannot be blamed entirely for inhabiting a world where THEIR OWN specialism becomes the the center around which all other things revolve. NO man can know all there is to know about every medical aspect of the human body and whilst a specialist might have a deep insight to one aspect of human health this very focus can leave them with tunnel vision and blind to the bigger picture.

    Why Doctors Dismiss Natural Cures

    Doctors, too, are human and many are equally or more subject to the weaknesses of the human ego. There are doctors who have undoubtedly promoted a certain aspect of healthcare because their own living is tied into it. Many doctors have fallen prey over the years, either through commercial incentive, plain naivety (for mere medical qualifications are no guarantee that a person is not naive!) , or simply egocentric motivations to betraying partiality in their worldview of medicinal propriety.

    Like it or not -- our Doctors are NOT God's. They are simply human beings as weak and fallible as you or I. They are also in positions of certain power that are all to easy to abuse, purposefully or 'accidentally', due to the fact that they can make critical decisions about the allocation of and application of health resources that could have a life or death impact for any one of us.

    Without further boring you with a diatribe about the shortcomings and questionable aspects of modern healthcare here (I'll find another place to do that ;-D) let me draw this brief moment of discussion to a close on this key point...We are lucky to be creatures of Nature, born into a world governed by Nature the supreme and elemental force which has crafted all we see around us. We happen to live in a world where we are surrounded by a myriad of metaphors. Metaphors abound in nature and as far as I can see they are the supreme resource for learning. But they are often so close to us we are wont to be blind to them. In our childlike clamor to prove our own intelligence and prowess, we have frequently overlooked that whatever we can do, Nature has normally been there before us and oft times done things we class as major achievements more simply, elegantly and effectively than we ever could. Such is the poetic beauty of the force of evolution.

    Natural Cures - The Poetic Symmetry of Nature

    Just as our human bodies are an amazing complex system of about TEN TRILLION cells each playing its small and transient role in the 'harmony of life' -- so we as individuals should be playing our role in society. For our bodies, in good health, are nothing less than the perfect metaphor for how we should be living as a species in harmony with every other human, and every other living creature inhabiting this globe. Equally, our bodies in poor health are also a metaphor for what happens when a system is tipped out of balance due to the improper workings of one or other constituent organ, or 'group of cells'.

    It makes simple sense that this Good Earth, modeled by powers far beyond our mortal knowing, is a system with the potential for perfection of harmony and balance. So for each of us there is the potential as a small 'Universe' in our own right, to experience perfect harmony, balance and health IF we do all we should to allow our biological system to function healthily. It also makes perfect sense that ALL we need to achieve this perfect balance, and true health, should be available to us naturally. What sense could there possibly be in thinking that human health in any way NEEDED some concocted, synthetic chemical intervention for it to be 'made better' -- this is very obviously an utter nonsense, and needs no further discussion to justify.

    Summarizing Why Natural Cures Are Overlooked

    So modern medicine, and modern pharmaceutical interventions almost always seek to try to 'mitgate' a disruption to the human system, commonly called illness or disease, caused by a 'symptom' rather identifying and dealing with the 'root cause'. The reasons for this have already been outlined:

    (1) Doctors who know enough about one aspect of the body to determine the effects of diseases are specialists, and therefore can only 'see' the end result of disruption within the part of the system that is their specialism...


    (2) The continuous treatment of symptoms via pharmaceutical interventions, is IMMENSELY more commercially valuable than actually curing a problem at its root. If you 'cure' you kill the cash-cow. If you treat you can keep it alive, but unwell, and constantly in need of more medicines.
    (The nett result of this is that for many folks, as they age and their illnesses progress without resolution they end up taking a cocktail of pills - some to mitigate the effect of symptoms, and others to mitigate the side effects of the other medications they take. LOOK around many friend, acquaintances and family members does this apply to for you?)

    With the foregoing in mind we present information and products that have often been developed by SUFFERERS that have resorted 'back to nature' to discover what Nature has to offer, what has provided for our needs, as one would expect would be the real solution for any creature who is part of the Natural process of evolution.


    Do You Know An Effective Natural Remedy?

    Have you got a great Natural Remedy that you stumbled across and found that it worked for you? Or do you maybe have an old 'folk remedy' that has been handed down through the family?

    If you have a natural remedy, natural cure or natural treatment that you'd always try, before resorting to chemical pharmaceuticals for a particular ailment, then we'd love for you to share it with us and the other visitors to

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