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by Elane Keenan
(St. Cloud, MN)

GoNandO's additional recommendation...

GoNandO's additional recommendation...

Elane Keenan suggests her favorite cure for Restless Legs:
"Apples, apple sauce, apple juice or apple anything. I've used this remedy for 5 years and it has never failed me. I sleep like a baby and I have MS."

GoNandO says:
Thanks for this information about Restless Legs syndrome Elane -- short and sweet (or should that be crisp and sweet?) but useful nonetheless!

If you've tried the all-apple remedy, or want to find alternate solutions to restless leg syndrome check out this resource may also like to check out this resource (see image of publication above and click the link below) for more detailed advice that is also guaranteed to work:

Cure Restless Legs Syndrome

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