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Removing Floaters in Eyes

by Julie Randall
(Toronto, Canada)

Can-c eye drops - use as directed - it's a miracle! First used as pet eye drops.

Can fade floaters naturally in as little as a few weeks! I have never seen anything as good - if this is an issue that plagues you - please try it.

Blog back if it works.


GoNandO.com Editor's Note:

What are Floaters in the Eye?

Eye floaters are generally little tiny pieces of debris floating through the vitreous fluid in the eyeball.

Although people may sometimes think that they have particles of dust or maybe little insects in their eyes. But when they try rubbing their eyes they are not moved away or eradicated.

Floaters in the eye usually drift slowly down once the eye settles after a rapid movement and can become distracting and annoying -- and affect the enjoyment of taking in views and watching other activities.

If floaters didn't move as they do (being particulate matter floating in the inner eye fluids), they would soon become effectively invisible thanks to a process called "neural adaptation".

Eye floaters can become truly annoying especially if they proliferate and so you may want to try a natural remedy to alleviate and remove them.

Thanks for your suggestion Julie. Here is a useful resource for naturally eliminating floaters from your eyes and regaining clearer vision.

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