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What Is Alkaline Ionized Water

In support of alkaline ionized water, Dr Robert Young, leading biochemist and author of the pH Miracle and related books "If people ask me what is the one thing they can do to improve their health – the answer is simple – Drink Alkaline Ionized water." You can read more about Dr Young here.

Ionized water is the product of mild electrolysis which takes place in the ionized water unit. Alkalizing ionized water is treated tap water that has not only been filtered, but has also been reformed in that it provides 'reduced' water with a large mass of electrons that can be taken up by 'active oxygen' in the body thereby reducing the damage the oxidation of normal cells.

There is no substitute for a healthy balanced diet, especially rich in antioxidant materials such as vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and other foods that are good for us. However, these substances are not always the best source of free electrons that can reduce the impact of the oxidation of healthy tissue by active oxygen.

Water treated by electrolysis to increase its potential to act as a 'reducing' agent, is the best solution to the problem of providing a safe source of free electrons to stop the oxidation of normal tissue by free radicals of oxygen.

Ionized alkaline water systems add salt to a house's tap water. The salt causes the water to produce more OH ions and register as alkaline on the PH scale.

Advocates of the alkalizing effect of ionized water maintain that there is increasing proof that almost all degenerative illness is caused by accumulated acid toxins that create a disturbed internal environment, leading to the manifestation of many symptoms. These may be minor signals that all is not right -- but there is also evidence to suggest that serious illness such as cancer is a more profound symptom of overly acidified internal terrain.

Buying a home water ionizer is an investment that many people have found worthwhile -- although it is only fair to observe that it also has its opponents. But on balance there sees to be a stronger argument in favor of alkalizing and reducing acid wastes, as well as improving the bodies ability to reduce the damage done by free radicals of oxygen.

Check out some of the better models of water ionizer described in detail in our water ionizer buyer's information minisite. There is a strong body of opinion that if nothing else the taste and refreshment experienced by alkaline ionized water is substantially better than 'questionable' tap water, the quality of which leaves a lot to be desired in many parts of the developed world.

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