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Why Drink Ionized Water For Health?

Why drink ionized water? Ionized water has noted antioxidant properties that can reduce what scientists refer to as 'oxidative stress' - which is an indicator of the damaging effect of the so-named 'free radicals'. These highly reactive uncharged molecules can enter the body by various means and scavenge oxygen to the detriment of the bodily tissues; factors such as poor diet, pollution, smoking and so on contribute to their presence in the body where they can essentially cause untold damage to our cells... This damage can ultimately lead to a multiplicity of 'modern' health problems including, probably most disturbingly -- Cancer!

Indeed it is now known that a high level of oxidative stress is connected to virtually every illness and disease we face as humans in these modern times -- largely caused by the meddling of humanity with natural resources!

Drinking healthful, ionized water can 'detoxify' the body through neutralizing free radicals and averting the potential cellular damage they may cause.

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