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What is the
Arthritis Diet?

Arthritis Diet: There is emerging theory that seems to have had a real poistive impact on the condition of many chronic athritis sufferers wellbeing.

The theory suggests that arthritis is really about the formation of acidic deposits in the joints. These deposits are formed as a result of vulnerable people maintaining an 'acidic' diet over a prolonged period. But please don't think this is any unusual kind of diet -- it is simply the typical diet consumed by most westerners -- it is the kind of diet commonly consumed in the UK and the US, and other 'developed countries', where reliance on convenience-food, fast-foods and pre-prepared processed foods has become the norm.

Making adequate changes to your diet mat not be quite as simple as it sounds -- as many common dietary 'favorites' cause formation of acidity in the body. For example any sugars, sugary foods, sugary drinks are really bad. Also processed foods generally usually have sugars, fats and chemicals that all enhance acidity. But if arthritis is really affecting your life adversely then you making the correct dietary changes are surely a must?

Some Key Arthritis Diet Tips

For an effective alkalizing arthritis diet you should make what might, for some, be quite radical dietary changes in order to balance out your blood acidity levels and alkalize your system. This will have a variety of positive effects.

The simple result is that reduced acidity/increased alkalinity will reduce overall acid depositions in the joints and alleviate your arthritic symptoms -- most of all it will reduce your pain.

Acidity in the system also relates to retention of toxins that causes fats to to be 'held onto' as a way of wrapping-up toxic molecules to protect the system from harm. If you are actually dieting to lose weight this factor can make fat stubborn to shift...it is after all 'protecting you'. But when you alkalize the blood these toxins can be released and flushed from the body more effectively and so the fatty-protection is not required and can be lost more easily. So it is a real "win-win" situation -- reduced arthritis symptoms AND more easily lost weight.

As your alkalizing diet takes effect and your acidity reduces, and the symptoms of arthritis become less painful, you'll also be able to undertake more varied exercises and this will also speed the weight-loss process.

It won't be that quick -- but if you make efforts to alkalize your diet -- by:

(1) Eating lots more fresh, green (and when possible raw) vegetables

(2) Drinking plenty of clean, quality, mineral water

(3) Cutting out ALL sugary foods and drinks

(4) Eating simple freshly prepared foods and

(5) Cutting out processed foods

...Make changes like this to your diet and within 3 months you should start to see, and most importantly FEEL a radical improvement in your general health, your arthritis and your ability to lose weight.

(BTW you do not have to have arthritis for this method to radically improve your general health and weight-loss efforts!!)

If you want to BOOST the alkalizing effect by adopting more serious strategies then some books from the master of alkalizing, Dr Rob Young are featured at the link below or you can go straight to the web based company he has set up to read more about alkalizing products and support at: InnerLight - Alkalizing Support Products

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